New Flooring and Floor Tile Contractors

When a kitchen or bathroom is remodeled, the flooring is almost always replaced. This is when a flooring and tile contractor is called upon, to remove the old floor, prep the surface and install the new material and floor. However, flooring contractors do more than just flooring. Flooring and tile contractors should be hired for the following types of jobs.

Installing tile: Some flooring contractors specialize in tile. Tile contractors are well-versed in installing tiles of all sizes and types and in all locations. While tile floors continue to be popular in many homes tile flooring is only the beginning of the many uses of tile. Tiles are also used for kitchen counters, kitchen island tops and backsplashes behind counters, appliances, and sinks. Tile contractors will work with you to achieve the exact look you want, including mosaic tile designs and Terrazzo floors and countertops.

Hardwood and laminate floors: Flooring contractors have the tools and skills to install and finish hardwood floors or to refinish existing hardwood floors. Laminate floors are a durable alternative to wood, and flooring contractors install laminate floors on a regular basis.

Vinyl and linoleum flooring: Linoleum is making a comeback because it is a very green type of flooring as is vinyl. Getting the cuts right when installing these types of floors can be very difficult, but experienced contractors will not have any trouble with them.

In-floor heating: Many tile and flooring contractors are equipped to handle at least part of the installation of this type of heating. It consists of installing the tubing, hooking it up to the boiler or other heat system, and then pouring self-leveling concrete over it.

The key to installing tile and flooring of all types is experience. Look for flooring and tile contractors with the years of hands-on experience necessary to install your kitchen flooring for maximum beauty, performance and durability.