5 Quick Home Remodeling Projects with the Highest Return on Investment

Which home remodeling projects offer the best return on your investment when you sell the home?  If your home needs work before you put it on the market, here are 5 quick home remodeling projects with the highest return on investment. Each of these fast projects has the potential to boost your home’s resale value while making it more attractive to potential buyers.

Project #1: New Exterior Siding

This home remodeling project is ranked #1 by prestigious trade associations that track the numbers.  Curb appeal is hugely important, as any realtor will tell you, and new siding brings with it a large wow-factor.  Studies show that upscale siding actually has a higher ROI than standard new siding.  Complete the curb appeal by completing any landscape projects, replace your front door, plant fresh flowers, new shrubs to replace overgrown ones, or fresh sealcoat on the driveway.

Project #2: Bathroom Remodeling Project

Studies show that a mid-range bathroom remodel produces the best return on investment.  Replacing a cracked sink and dingy faucets, or reglazing the tub won’t do much.  However, breaking the budget on a new tub or spa or steam shower and granite countertops won’t make sense either.  Choose mid-priced, attractive and neutral elements for best ROI.

Project #3: Kitchen Remodeling Project

May kitchen remodeling projects can be very expensive.  Therefore, the experts suggest more minor renovations in the kitchen.  These may include a fresh coat of paint, replacing discolored flooring with quality vinyl flooring, updating the faucets, painting cabinets or glazing rather than replacing countertops. Add better light fixtures to brighten it up, too, along with some attractive but inexpensive décor.

Project #4: Attic Bedroom Remodeling

Turning non-living space into living space offers outstanding return on investment. It’s almost like a new addition and will prove very appealing to many of those who consider your home.

Project #5: Adding a Deck or Patio

This is another way to add living space, although outdoors.  An attractive, functional deck overlooking an appealing back yard can be very inviting to prospective buyers.  Freshen up the landscape, include a privacy fence if necessary, and choose attractive deck furniture to complete this home remodeling project.

Other Small Rewarding Projects

Close behind these top home remodeling projects are replacing windows, finishing the basement and replacing the roof.  What’s the best choice for your home?  Ask your realtor for remodeling ideas.  Remodeling contractors will have good information too.  These professional contractors will  know what works in your area.  They will also be able to help you evaluate your home’s needs. You’ll be able to select the home remodeling project that is to your best advantage, producing the highest return on investment.
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