Opening And Starting Up Your Pool For Summer Swimming

In this Complete Remodeling Guide we will go over some quick steps to get your pool ready for that first splash party. It is important that your pool is opened correctly and getting everything right at the start makes it a lot easier to keep it that way.

Before you open your pool we recommend that you remove any winter debris in the area. So cut the grass, trim trees and bushes and get everything in order before that cover comes off. It’s better to pick it up now than try to fish it out of the pool later.

The first step is to remove the swimming pool cover. Any leaves or other debris on the cover must be removed and you may have to pump off standing water if you have a lot of it. After removing the cover, be sure to clean it, let it dry, and store it properly for next season.

You now need to add water until reaching the normal operating level. Check for and remove any plugs or other items installed to help protect against freezing.

If your filter was cleaned thoroughly at the end of last season you will now need to only check it but if dirty you should clean it now. Now it is time to prime the pump and start the filter. Make sure all air is purged from the system. If any debris is in the pool you will need to remove it now with a leaf net, rake, eater or a vacuum. Make sure all sand, dirt, algae or debris is removed.

Now assess and check the pool for any winter damage including leaks or cracks in lining, walls, filters or pumps. From top to bottom make sure the whole system is good with no sharp points on ladders, slides, rails or diving boards.

Once everything looks good it is time to add the POOL SHOCK.

Shocking a pool means drastically raising the chlorine level for a short period of time. A really high chlorine level destroys bacteria or organic material in your pool thus shocking it. This is a very important step in opening your pool and needs to be done more than once during the season after very heavy rains or use. Every swimming pool owner should be familiar with the pool shocking process.

When purchasing pool shock you need to buy the correct amount based on the size of your pool. Read the directions carefully. Before shock is added you must first dissolve it in a bucket of water. Most pool shock is granular and will dissolve quickly. Use a five gallon bucket of water from the pool and slowly mix the granular pool shock with it. You must add the chemical to the water, not the other way around. Carefully stir well the solution until all the pool shock is dissolved

With your filter running pour the dissolved shock next to a return line. Pour slowly as you do not want any shock material to settle on the pool floor. Do not worry about over shocking your pool as more is better than not enough and you can adjust the chlorine later during testing.

While pouring watch the water in the bucket to make sure all the shock granules have dissolved properly and none are left on the bottom of the bucket. If you do find material that has not dissolved add more water and mix until completely dissolved. This is really important if you have a vinyl liner as it may stain or bleach the liner.

After all the shock is added to the pool let it circulate for at least a day. Then test it thoroughly and add any chemicals to balance the water. It is also important to take a sample of water to a professional and have it tested for all the right readings. You can contact

Once you have the readings right set up a schedule for checking your pool readings. It is important to keep your pool clean and safe all season long. If you have any questions on building a pool or fixing one you have contact us for a free estimate of costs for your project.

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