Should Replacement Windows Be Factored into the Cost of Partial Remodeling Projects?

Replacement windows often get overlooked during a smaller, or partial home remodeling projects like small bathrooms or basement remodeling projects. However, there are several important reasons to consider the cost of replacement windows when you plan any kind of home improvement project, after all… you could save money with higher efficiency, and be well on your to tax credits at the same time.

In this Complete Remodeling guide, we’ll look at several reasons why the cost of replacement windows are one of many factors to consider as you develop your remodeling design. Your budget will play a role in deciding whether or not to replace windows during the project. If you do replace some of the windows, you may want to replace all of them on that side of the house to maintain consistent appearance.


Reasons to Replace Old Windows in your Home

First of all, new windows will save you money on utility bills. Old, leaky or faulty windows are a major source of heat loss in most homes. New, Energy Star windows will cut heating and air conditioning costs throughout the year.

Secondly, replacing windows during partial remodeling projects will make rooms more comfortable. Energy efficient windows retain heat in winter and keep out heat in summer. You’ll enjoy your home more when windows are replaced during a partial home remodeling project.

Thirdly, new windows can add functionality to any room. New casement windows in a den, a glazed double hung window in a bathroom, or sliding windows in a bedroom can improve ventilation, add natural light or make your home more secure.

Fourthly, replacement windows added during a home remodeling project add beauty to your home. When your kitchen remodeling project is complete, old windows might look very dated.

Finally, according to many building trades associations, replacement windows have a high return on investment. They offer excellent resale value and will make your home more appealing to many home shoppers. You won’t get 100% of your costs back, but they will be one less expensive thing in the eyes of potential buyers that they will need to do if they buy your home.

Talk with remodeling contractors about the costs for including windows in the project. If the remodeling costs with windows works for you, your home will benefit in many ways from new windows.

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