5 Tips for Hiring a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

The general contractor you choose for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project is just as important as the countertops, fixtures or cabinets you select.  The general contractor, or GC, will either do the work with his crew or will choose sub-contractors who will.  They are in charge of the entire process. These tips for hiring a kitchen or bathroom remodeling contractor will help ensure you find a qualified, experience GC you can trust with the job.

Tip #1: Start with Referrals and Reputation

Ask your friends who they have used for their work.  Did the GC do a good job?  Are they happy with their new bathroom or kitchen?  Were there any major problems or hassles?  Were the remodeling prices fair?  Ask those types of questions and take note of the remodeling contractors recommended who did a superior job.
If you know of other general contractors with a very good reputation, keep them in mind as well as you move to tip #2.

Tip #2: View their Work

Once you’ve identified a handful of general remodeling contractors you’ve heard good things about, check out their work.  Most GCs will have a photo album of the work they’ve done. It may be online or in their office.  Take a look at it.  If they’ve done work in the local parade or homes, check it out.  Ask to visit jobs in progress, if possible.

Tip #3: Talk with Each General Contractor

If you’ve narrowed your search down to 3 or 4, seek a short interview with each one.  Ask important questions about their work experience, the training and experience of the crews who will be doing the work, or the sub-contractors chosen to work on the job. Find out if they plan to get required permits and have inspections done.  Ask to see a copy of their builder’s license as well as a certificate of current insurance coverage.

If you like what you hear, discuss ideas for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling work.  Listen to their remodeling design ideas about the best way to proceed.  They may even be able to give you a rough idea of your remodeling costs for different styles, materials or fixtures you are considering using. Asking these key questions will lessen the likelihood that you could be scammed by a remodeling contractor and loss precious time and money.

Tip #4: Get Written Estimates for the Job

It always makes sense to get at least 3 written estimates for a kitchen or bath remodeling project.  The estimates should be very detailed so that you can ask questions or make adjustments to it based on your budget.

Tip #5: Choose your GC

Once you’ve looked over the written estimates, choose the general contractor for the kitchen or bath remodeling work. Select the general bathroom or kitchen remodeling contractor you believe has the right combination of expertise, professionalism, fair pricing and results you can depend on.  Your most important job is to hire the right GC.  Their job is to complete your kitchen or bathroom remodeling job with excellence. (work samples, pictures, referrals, ideas, cost, reputation, permits, inspections, etc)

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