Top 5 Spring Projects That Get The Kids Involved

bathouseGetting kids involved in spring projects around your home is a great way to keep them active and develop a healthy pride of ownership. It can be educational too.

This complete remodeling article discusses 5 spring projects just right for kids.

Prepare the Garden for Planting

This may include raking a covering of leaves off the garden, roto-tilling the soil or adding compost or fertilizer to it. You can make the entire experience educational as well as fun by teaching them the purpose of tilling the soil and improving it with compost or other fertilizers. The chances are, the kids will be eager to help with this outdoor project by planting the seeds or setting out the tomato plants when the time comes. They may even be willing to weed the garden in order to help the plants thrive, since they’ll have a vested interest in them. From there, they’ll be excited about picking the vegetables and fruits as they become ripe.

Paint a Fence or Shed

Kids love to paint, though they may not enjoy scraping the fence or shed if needed. Once you get to the paint stage, let them have a little fun at first by painting their name or a face.


Pour a Walkway

If the concrete walkways leading to your home are cracked, spring is a great time to replace them. Getting the old concrete out can be a challenge, but adding the new concrete walkways is fun. Rent a mixer and use ready-mix concrete. Follow directions carefully. Consider stamping the concrete to look like paver stone or flagstone. Other stamping ideas kids will love include fallen leaves, duck feet or dog prints or adding their name.

Build a Bat House

Bats consume thousands of insects per night, and mosquitos are among their favorites. A bat house is easy to build, and the lumber and black paint should cost less than $50. Instructions are readily available online. Hang the bat house where you can all watch the bats coming and going on warm summer evenings.

Prune Shrubs in the Landscape

Flowering shrubs are great for this project. If you’re not familiar with pruning techniques, read up on them ahead of time and make sure you have the right type of shears. Teach the kids how reducing some branches and pinching back, will allow the shrub to devote more energy to making flowers. They may think you’re cutting off too much of the bush, but when it flowers more fully this year, they’ll see the value of aggressive pruning. Please note that they will not enjoy the cleaning up part of this.

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