Wood or Vinyl Replacement Windows When you Remodel Your Home

The choice between wood and vinyl replacement windows is one many homeowners struggle with. Which material makes more sense in your house project? In this home remodeling guide, you’ll learn the advantages of each type of window so you can decide whether to install vinyl or wood replacement windows in your home.

Replacement Windows Make Sense in Any Remodeling Project

Both wood and vinyl replacement windows offer many benefits and should be considered any time you’re doing a major renovation. First, today’s replacement windows are very energy-efficient. Choose an Energy Star glass package, and energy loss through the windows will be cut by 45% or more. Secondly, Energy Star windows currently come with a tax credit that can reduce their cost. Finally, new windows will give your home an updated look that you’ll enjoy, and they will make your home easier to sell if you put it on the market.

Benefits of Wood Replacement Windows

Wood windows are unsurpassed in beauty, especially when stained rather than painted. Wood window exteriors require maintenance, but they can be preserved in good condition for 25+ years with consistent care. An alternative is to choose wood windows with exteriors clad in attractive vinyl or aluminum. Finally, quality wood windows typically offer a wide array of choices for hardware, grille patterns and accessories such as stylish exterior cornices.

The Cost and Resale Value of Replacement Windows

Wood windows cost 40% to 150% more than vinyl windows. The range is wide because high-end wood replacement windows are very expensive. Both materials hold their value very well. National studies indicate that wood windows will return up to 80% of their value when the home is sold within 5 years; vinyl replacement windows retain more than 70% of their value in the same period of time. In both cases, replacement windows are shown to significantly increase the likelihood that a home will sell.

Benefits of Vinyl Replacement Windows

Homeowners choose vinyl replacement windows for durability, appearance and convenience. Most come with a lifetime warranty on the frames and sashes. Like wood, they are produced in all the most popular types including single-hung, double hung, casement, awning, sliding and fixed windows. They can be very attractive. Finally, most vinyl windows are maintenance-free, never needing painting.

Should you choose vinyl or wood replacement windows?

Consider your budget, first of all. If you can afford either wood or vinyl, choose the type that fits the architecture and décor of your home. Wood goes well with classic and traditional designs. Vinyl works very well in contemporary styles. Whether you select wood or vinyl replacement windows, you’ll enjoy your home more and reduce utility bills every month. If you decide to sell your home, the new windows will enhance its marketability.

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