3 Easy DIY Storage Solutions for Your Kitchen

Photo Courtesy of The Copy Cat At Home

Photo Courtesy of The Copy Cat At Home

The kitchen is the most expensive room to renovate in your home. You do not want it to look cluttered or messy and for this reason you will want to take some time to implement some smart storage solutions. Planning ahead will go a long way in solving any storage problems you may face. There are many creative and uncommon ways in which you can create effective storage in your kitchen. However, the process of finding the best and most practical storage for your kitchen may remain a challenge for you. Regardless of how many cabinets or storage solutions you may have, there always seems to be more stuff, with no place to go.

The size of your kitchen should not discourage you from coming up with creative ideas aimed at increasing your kitchen storage space. Some of the most creative and inexpensive approaches include using cork boards to construct shelves on the kitchen walls and creating labeled cardboard boxes for storing specific items on the kitchen shelf. You can also remake an old repainted door to hang all sorts of kitchen accessories which come with handles. Here are three quick and easy DIY ideas that you can implement in your kitchen to create more space.

Making use of door interiors

You can organize your kitchen pantry using plastic storage and basket containers to store up supplies in a simple, but tidy manner. Clear plastic containers can be used to store food items such as cookies, pasta, dry and cereals, while baskets can be used to store items such as cereal bars in easily to access storage.

Use a DIY canned food organizer

You can build your own kitchen hideaway, canned food organizer to store your canned foods. The canned food organizer is designed to provide an easy and flexible way to set up a storage shelf. The smart organizer may be hidden besides the fridge or in another open area. This dynamic organizer can be built using a few boards and wheels. To use the organizer, you just need to wheel it out and pick up whatever food supplies you want and then push it back into the hideaway.

Install DIY pegboard kitchen storage

Another inexpensive way to boost your kitchen storage is by building an inexpensive pegboard. The pegboard can be attached on a wall and then fitted with holding hooks. The hooks can be used effectively to hang pots and pans, as well as utensils, pot holders and everything else that can be attached on the hook. Pegboard holders also provide variety of storage options from large to small storage, depending on the level of usage. A pegboard can also be added in a closet to move some items, used infrequently, out of the kitchen.

If you need practical assistance, you can get more cost-effective kitchen storage ideas from home and kitchen improvement experts, who include interior designers and home remodeling specialists. Home improvement ideas can also be sought online and in design magazines that cover this topic.


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