Quick Bathroom Fixture Updates For Your Next Remodel

bathroom-remodel-3The bathroom is the room that everyone in the household visits more frequently than any other room in the house. That is why it is important to make sure this room looks great and is functional, all of the time. To do that, many choose to remodel or update at least a few of the 10 popular bathroom fixtures.

Bath Tubs

The bath tub is quite frequently the focal point of the bathroom. Choosing an elegant porcelain claw foot tub draws attention immediately as someone walks into the room. Add soft luxurious towels and candles, and you have the perfect environment for relaxation. Others prefer tubs with built-in spas or go for simplicity with one that is small and discreet.


Some choose to have a shower in addition to, or besides a bathtub, so they can speed up their morning routines to get to work. Work with a contractor to decide if you will be adding glass doors or a simple shower rod and curtain for this installation. You will also have to decide the size of the shower and need the contractors help for choosing one that will fit properly.


Bathroom sinks come in many colors and shapes and sizes. There are bathroom sinks designed in modern curved designs, some with Asian aspects to them. There are bowl sinks and square sinks and old-fashioned rustic ones as well. Working with a contractor to find the perfect one to match your other bathroom fixtures is important but many ideas are available on-line also.


What would a sink be without its faucet? Faucets come in different designs and finishes. like brushed chrome or sparkling gold. New technology has even made bathroom faucets that can be turned on by just a touch or no touch at all, to reduce the spread of germs. The finish of the faucet looks best when it is coordinated with the color of the sink and the rest of the bathroom. For example gold might look best with a contrasting bright white or even ivory colored sink.


The bathroom vanity is a nice touch to have in spacious bathrooms. It can create a feeling where one might want to linger a little longer, and not to hurry. Adding the basic necessities in a neat arrangement along with beautiful bottles of scented lotions and perfumes are a nice touch for the top of your vanity.


There are many features to consider when selecting the right toilet or commode. Select one with a comfortable height to it and with a seat color that will match the other features of the room. Have the contractor make sure your floor is level before these are installed.

Bathroom Lighting

Several kinds of lighting fixtures can be beneficial to bathrooms besides standard overheads. Lighting next to vanities and sinks is helpful. Some choose elegant crystal chandeliers for above bathtubs depending on ceiling height. Make sure lighting bases match well with other metal in the room, like faucets.

Bathroom Accessories

Toilet paper dispensers and towel rods are just a couple necessary bathroom accessories. Contractors can also add many others, including built-in soap and shampoo dispensers.


Make sure you consider all of your cabinet and storage needs for towels and beauty products generally stored in the bathroom so you can have cabinets installed that will have enough space for all your needs.


Mirrors come with frames and without. Choosing one large enough is important if you have a bathroom that is shared. A mirror can make or break the look of your bathroom so take your time to select one that is both functional and attractive.

In most cases it is a good idea to talk to your general contractor about any bathroom change including these 10 popular bathroom fixtures for your next bathroom update.

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