Outdoor Remodeling Projects Around the Home

In this section of our complete remodeling guide, we’ll focus on those projects outside the main home. From sun rooms to backyard decks and patios and much more, learn about great outdoor remodeling projects for your home.

Nothing makes your home feel larger than getting out of it, and enjoying the outside area with all the same comforts you find indoors. From outdoor fireplaces and custom patio and decks, to complete outside grills and kitchens, outdoor remodeling projects around your home are just as rewarding as those that are inside!


Sunrooms and Additions

Additions and Sunrooms Costs and Options Sunrooms and additions can enhance your home with living space that is perfect for general use or designed with a very specific purpose in mind. Homeowners add sunrooms to […]


Decks and Patios

Patios and Decks Costs and Options Decks and patios give you the ability to fully enjoy being outdoors whenever weather permits. They add personal enjoyment to any home while increasing its value. You’ve got nearly […]


Fencing Projects

Custom Fencing Costs and Projects Fencing projects for your home can increase your privacy, give your pets safe borders and enhance the beauty of your yard.  Whether you live in the city or have a […]


Landscaping Projects

Landscaping Trends and Landscaper Projects Costs Landscaping projects are a great way to add beauty to your yard while increasing your enjoyment of the great outdoors. They can be a wonderful complement to decks and […]


Outdoor Fireplaces and Grills

Outdoor Grills and Fireplaces Costs and Options Outdoor fireplaces and grills are fantastic accessories for decks and patios, or to include in landscaping projects. They can also be used to complete an exterior home remodeling […]


Pool Decks and Patios

Pool Patios and Decks Costs and Options Pool decks and patios add beauty and practical value to the area around your pool. Decks are a great choice for above ground pools while pool patios are […]