Pool Patios and Decks Costs and Options

Pool decks and patios add beauty and practical value to the area around your pool. Decks are a great choice for above ground pools while pool patios are better for in-ground pools. If you are doing an exterior home remodeling project, it might make sense to include a new pool deck or patio to complete the update. This outdoor remodeling guide will give you remodeling ideas to explore further as you plan your design and gather prices.

Options for Pool Decks

If your pool is near the house, adding a pool deck to connect the two is a very popular idea. If your pool sits away from the house, encircling the pool with a deck is common, but so is having a deck on only one or two sides of the pool. Your budget, the layout of your yard and the other elements in your landscape will determine which is best for you. For added utility, some homeowners consider outdoor fireplaces and grills on the deck for getting warm and cooking. It makes the pool even more appealing for entertaining or for family togetherness.

Pool decks are usually made from treated lumber, cedar or composite materials. The right deck can enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the above-ground pool.

Options for Pool Patios

As great as your options are for pool decks, they are multiplied for patios. Pool patios can be designed in any shape, surrounding the entire pool or only part of it, connecting the pool to the house or perhaps a bathhouse. Many options exist for the material. Concrete can be textured, stamped, tinted, acid-etched, embedded with tile or stone, and more. Paver stones of all sizes and shapes can be used in nearly any design you choose. Natural stones are also a popular, but more expensive, choice for pool patios.

Costs for Pool Decks and Patios

A small patio made from concrete or concrete slabs can cost less than $1,000. Small decks can be built for under $2,000. Most pool decks and patios cost between $2,500 and $10,000, but can cost far more as well, depending on the features and amenities you incorporate into them. If you are planning a home remodeling project, talk with remodeling contractors about your ideas. They will be able to help you bring your ideas to life, and include the price in the total remodeling costs for your home.

Conclusion, Pool patios and decks greatly enhance the enjoyment you and your family will get from your pool. Take time to gather ideas and prices to find the design and materials to help you get the most from your time outdoors.