Additions and Sunrooms Costs and Options

Sunrooms and additions can enhance your home with living space that is perfect for general use or designed with a very specific purpose in mind. Homeowners add sunrooms to enjoy the view of the landscape around their home and the warmth of the sun in cooler seasons. Additions can be built for any purpose when a home is getting too small for your growing family or when your current home can’t accommodate your changing needs. Here are some outdoor remodeling ideas that will get thinking about how sunrooms and additions might improve your home and increase its value.

Sunrooms Extend Outdoor Living

Patios and decks allow you to enjoy the outdoors in good weather during limited times of the year. A sunroom extends your ability to sit in the sunshine or have the sense of being outdoors even when it’s raining or the temperature is too cool to make being outdoors comfortable. If you choose to heat or cool your sunroom, it can be a true four-seasons room.

Your options for sunrooms are many. There is a wide range of sizes and shapes you can choose. Sunrooms can be built with standard roofing but they may also have glass overhead, with curved or straight roof lines. Primary materials may include aluminum, vinyl-clad aluminum or wood. They always feature large windows to maximize the view and the collection of sun in cooler seasons. Sunrooms often become one of the favorite rooms in the house and are an asset when entertaining too.

Additions Give you Specific Space

Are you running short of bedrooms or do you want to build a fantastic master suite? Is your living room too small for your growing family or your desire to entertain larger groups? Are you working at home now and want an office for yourself or a place to host clients? Do you plan to take aging parents into your home? These are just a few home remodeling reasons for a new addition. They are preferred by homeowners who like their current home or don’t believe they could sell and upgrade their home due to poor housing sales.

Sunrooms and Additions Costs

Remodeling costs when adding a sunroom or addition will vary based on the type of space you add and its amenities. It makes sense to talk with several remodeling contractors to compare prices. They will also give you ideas to optimize your remodeling design to make the best use of the new space. Sunrooms start at about $30 per square foot. Most additions will cost $75-$150 per square foot. Remodeling prices will depend on the quality of the materials you choose and the amenities and features you include. For example, a large, mostly open family room addition with carpeted floors will cost far less than the same size master suite with hardwood floors and a luxury bathroom including a spa.

Conclusion, If moving isn’t the solution but you want more or different space, give consideration to sunrooms and additions. Talk with remodeling contractors who specialize in each one and get remodeling ideas that will help you determine how best to improve your current home. Sunrooms and additions can give you a home with increased value and one you’ll enjoy far more in the years ahead.