Top 5 Design Trends for Outdoor Kitchens

outdoor kitchenWhen the heat is on, we like to take to the outside for our dining and entertaining pleasures. However, we are no longer just lighting the charcoal grill and sitting under a large umbrella.

Outdoor kitchens continue to grow in popularity and are going to be a trend for some time. Not only do they add value to our homes, but they also allow us to enjoy time with our family and friends. If you are looking to create your own outdoor kitchen or expand on one that you already have; here are some design trends to discuss with your outdoor kitchen professional.

Incorporating the kitchen into your landscape

Outdoor kitchens that blend into the landscape are a hot trend. The idea of having a kitchen that is surrounded with water appeals to many homeowners. Now you can have an outdoor kitchen and a bar at poolside, without having to go to some fancy resort. Also, kitchens that lead to the backyard garden can be very appealing. Not only does it give the chef easy access to everything growing in the garden, but it provides for a wonderful backdrop while entertaining.

Put a lid on it

Kitchens are also becoming the outdoor entertainment hotspot for more than just the summer months. Homeowners do not want to just wait for a sunny day to be outside and enjoy their kitchen. So a popular design trend is to add heating or putting a top on your kitchen. We are not just talking about having the kitchen under an awning or large umbrellas. We are talking about large structures like pergolas that will protect the kitchen from all the elements including sun damage.


Another hot design trend to consider when creating your outdoor kitchen is the kitchen flooring you decide to use. Once upon a time the only flooring that was used was either the traditional wood planks put into a frame for a deck or the cement patio floor. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, there are a variety of materials that can be used to create the floor. Floors can now be carpeted as well as made from metal. Floors can be made to match the flooring in the house to keep with the flow, or they can be made to blend into the outdoor landscape.

Turn on the lights

Lights will be necessary with any outdoor kitchen,  and not only for safety reasons. The trend towards outdoor LED lights continues to grow because LED lighting not only provides you with the safety factor, but it also sets the mood for your evening. Plus, LED lights are also a better option for the environment and are also more cost efficient most other lighting options.


There are a variety of materials that can be used to create the countertops in your outdoor kitchen, such as tile and granite. However, the material that is hot right now is concrete. Now before you get this image of a slab of plain concrete being used, take a moment to understand that concrete is one of the most maintainable materials that you can use outside. Concrete can be colored, it is highly decorative, and flexible when it comes to design elements.

No matter what design trends you use to create your outdoor living space, it is important to consult with a professional before beginning a project. Their experience will help you create the kitchen that you desire.

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