Remodeling and Home Improvement Contractor Guides

Many Do it Yourself homeowners have the skills and tools to do their own home remodeling projects most of the time. Others however, prefer to enlist the help and expertise of professional home improvement contractors to make sure they get the job done right, the first time.

In this area of the Complete Home Remodeling Guide, we’ll help you learn about the different jobs around your house that home improvement contractors are responsible for. Along the way, we’ll explain when you need to call them in, as well as try to explain how to handle permits, inspections, and several other contractor license level requirements involved with remodeling a home.

electrical wiring

Electrical Contractors

Electrical Contractors and Electricians Electrical contractors are an essential part of any kitchen remodeling job and most other home improvement jobs. Electrical contractors have the skills and tools necessary, to safely install and wire everything that needs electricity in your […]


Flooring and Tile Contractors

New Flooring and Floor Tile Contractors When a kitchen or bathroom is remodeled, the flooring is almost always replaced. This is when a flooring and tile contractor is called upon, to remove the old floor, prep the […]


General Contractors

Home Improvement General Contractor Guides There are plenty of miscellaneous tasks that need to be done as part of any kitchen remodeling job. Usually, a general contractor or handyman is the right person to do […]


Heating and Air Contractors

Heating, Cooling and HVAC Contractors Remodeling your home is likely to result in changes to the heating and cooling load put on your HVAC system. Adding rooms or changing the layout of your home will […]


Painters and Wallpaper Contractors

Wallpaper and Painting Contractors Fresh paint is often part of any home, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling project. Today’s paints are more vibrant and more durable than ever, and painting contractors have the tools and skills […]


Plumbing Contractors

Plumbers and Plumbing Contractors Plumbing contractors are required for several important aspects of home improvements, including bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. Here is an overview of jobs you’ll need to hire a licensed plumber to […]