Patios and Decks Costs and Options

Decks and patios give you the ability to fully enjoy being outdoors whenever weather permits. They add personal enjoyment to any home while increasing its value. You’ve got nearly unlimited options for styles, shapes and amenities too.  This outdoor remodeling guide will give you remodeling ideas you can use to explore decks and patios as you consider what might work best for your home.

Options for Decks

Decks are a good choice when your home’s foundation rises out of the ground a foot or more.  They extend living space off the main floor but decks can also be built adjoining rooms on any floor.  Some homes feature a multi-level deck that can be accessed from different points of the house.  While decks are often entirely open, some are semi-covered with a pergola, and some include a roof over part of the deck to make it usable in a greater range of weather conditions. Screening in part of the deck is a good idea where summer insects can be a nuisance. Decks are often built from treated lumber but new materials including composites are extending the durability and longevity of decks. For remodeling design that includes a deck, talk with remodeling contractors about your options.  They will help you design a deck to best accommodate your purpose.

Options for Patios

Patios can also be very versatile, enhancing outdoor living throughout the year.  Patios may be uncovered or roofed, and many have a combination of both.  The stone used varies from poured concrete or large concrete slabs to small paver stones in intricate designs to high-quality stone such as granite or cut field stone.  Gather remodeling ideas for your patio from online sites or magazines, or talk with remodeling contractors who can discuss your ideas and help you plan the right patio for your home at the right budget.

Decks and Patios Cost

You can design decks and patios to meet almost any budget.   A simple wood deck or concrete-slab patio may cost as little as $5-$8 per square foot.  More elaborate designs, especially if they include roofing, may cost upwards of $30 per square foot.  Sketch out your ideas and then discuss the details and prices with remodeling contractors who specialize in decks and patios.  They can help you work with your ideas to get the best deck or patio your budget allows.

Conclusion, If you enjoy outdoor living and entertaining, decks and patios should definitely be considered in any home remodeling project. Both decks and patios extend your living space and increase your enjoyment by adding a practical value and beauty to your home.