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Electrical contractors are an essential part of any kitchen remodeling job and most other home improvement jobs. Electrical contractors have the skills and tools necessary, to safely install and wire everything that needs electricity in your home. A kitchen remodeling job usually requires a lot of new electricity to be run. To do the remodeling job right and to meet all required codes, requires a trained electrical contractor. Below, are a few examples of the types of work electrical contractors do when remodeling your kitchen.

Circuit installation and rough wiring: During kitchen remodeling, new circuits are often required to handle the increased demand for electricity. Appliances may be more energy-efficient today, but more things use electricity in your kitchen than we had a generation ago. If there is room for new circuits in the electrical box, they can be added. If not, the electrical box may need to be replaced with a larger one or a separate box added. Rough wiring involves installing an electrical box, needed circuits, running wire to the location where it will be required, and placing the appropriate outlet or juncture box at that location.

Installing lighting: Remodeled kitchens often have upgraded lighting to make your kitchen brighter and more comfortable. Installing recessed lighting, track lighting, lighting under or over cabinets, fluorescent fixtures or hanging lighting over eating space are tasks best handled by an electrical contractor.

Installing other kitchen components: There are many other things in a remodeled kitchen that require an electrical supply, and electrical contractors regularly install all of them. A vent hood over the range or any cooking surface, is essential for removing cooking odors, heat or moisture from boiling water or steam from your home. An electric tank less water heater, installed to handle the increased demand for hot water must be wired in. So must a garbage disposal system, extra outlets in a kitchen island, one or more smoke detectors if they are not present, a separate cooking surface, a ventilation system, and much more.

While some homeowners have the skill and experience to handle some of these easier jobs, the need for electrical safety makes electrical contractors the best choice for these important tasks.