Custom Fencing Costs and Projects

Fencing projects for your home can increase your privacy, give your pets safe borders and enhance the beauty of your yard.  Whether you live in the city or have a home in the country, fencing projects can be an important part of getting the most from your yard. This outdoor remodeling guide gives you remodeling ideas you can use as you plan your upcoming fencing project.

Types of Fencing Projects

You may need something as simple as a chain link fence to keep your dog where he belongs. Or, you may prefer a tall privacy fence to give you greater freedom to enjoy your space. Some homeowners fence their entire yard while others choose fencing projects that enclose part of their yard – around a pool or tennis court, to provide a play area for kids or a dog run for the pets, to enclose a garden, or simply to add a touch of elegance to the landscape.

There are literally hundreds of styles and materials you can use in your fencing projects.  Wood fences, whether a picket fence out front or a privacy fence in back, can be fashioned from plain wood, treated wood, or composite products that require very little maintenance and have extended longevity. Vinyl and PVC fences are also long-lasting products that can also be very stylish. Wrought iron is a classic look that can enhance a home with a more traditional look.

Fencing Costs

Prices differ greatly depending on the material used and how elaborate your fencing project is.  For simple chain link fence, expect to pay $10-$15 per linear foot.  Wooden fence costs $15-$25 per foot, more if decorative lattice or other design features are used. Composite fencing, vinyl fencing and ornamental steel fencing ranges from $25-$35 per linear foot. Talk with fencing contractors to get design ideas and estimated prices for the specific fencing projects you have in mind.

Conclusion, Fencing projects can help finish a complete remodeling project or be undertaken by themselves.  Quality fencing will add practical value and beauty to most parts of your yard and can be a great finishing touch for any outdoor home remodeling project.