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Tips for Homeowners Adding a Home Theater


Converting an unused room into a home theater is an investment in entertainment and relaxation. Home theater costs can start at less than $300 when using an existing TV and adding cheap components but... more


10 Things to Consider Before Starting a Complete Kitchen Remodel Project

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One of the most popular home remodeling projects is a complete kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodel can indeed bring new life and excitement to a home, but there are several factors to consider if the homeowner... more

Some Important Tips and Steps in Installing Landscape Lighting

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An Overview of Landscape Lighting Today a wide variety of excellent lighting options provide many choices for your home and business. Few aspects of an exterior addition will influence the appearance... more

The Best Materials To Use When Remodeling Your Pool Deck


It’s spring, and you have decided to redo your pool deck. After looking around, you are overwhelmed and just all little confused about all of your options. It’s true than new materials such... more

Quick Bathroom Fixture Updates For Your Next Remodel

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The bathroom is the room that everyone in the household visits more frequently than any other room in the house. That is why it is important to make sure this room looks great and is functional, all... more


Top 5 Projects Under a $1,000 To Get The Most Out of Your Tax Refund

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Your tax refund is on its way and you think you are going to put it to good use by updating and replacing an area of your house. Here are the top 5 projects under $1,000 to help you get the most out of... more

Put Your Tax Refund to Use With These 5 Remodeling Projects

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It’s that time of year again – tax season! Many working Americans will receive a sizable tax refund in coming months. So why not put those dollars to use by improving on your biggest investment... more

Tips for Successfully Remodeling Your Basement

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Do you have a basement that’s unfinished or do you want to really change your layout? You may want to consider remodeling it. Why? It gives your basement a whole new look and it adds great value... more

Top 5 Home Remodeling Projects for Winter

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Spring and summer may seem like the ideal time for remodeling projects for your home – the warm weather and spring fever to get things done around the house. But did you know there are home remodel projects... more

10 Mistakes to Avoid While Remodeling Your House

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There’s nothing wrong with trying to do some home improvement jobs yourself, but you need to put some things in major perspective. Not everything can be fixed by yourself and you should take major... more

Cost of Adding Soapstone Countertops

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Stylish and durable, soapstone is a silky metaphoric stone found in the Appalachian mountain range or imported from the countries of Finland and Brazil. Known for its ability to stand up to just about... more

Best Ways to Remove Wallpaper Before Painting

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When your wallpaper has seen better days it may be time to remove it and update the room with fresh paint. Removing wallpaper can be a daunting task and may mean you need to hire a professional or at... more

Garage Remodeling Costs – Checklist To Be Sure You’re Prepared


If you’re looking to expand your home, it’s not always necessary to go through a major addition construction project. Your garage is a perfect space to convert into a usable room. For example,... more

Small Bathroom Remodeling – What You Need to Know and Expect

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Of All Remodeling Projects Around the Home, Making Small Bathrooms Look Better is Always a Popular Choice! Projecting the cost of a small bathroom remodel will typically depend on who’s actually doing... more

Replacement Windows-Avoid Surprises and Budget for the Cost

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Replacing old and low efficiency windows in your home can be a challenging endeavor for every homeowner. Understanding the costs and hidden obstacles encountered can reduce the worry associated with the... more

Remodeling an Attic? Get Ready with this Cost Guide

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Homeowners who want to increase the square footage of their home have choices between an addition, remodeling a basement and remodeling the attic. Of course, there are others, but the three mentioned are... more


How To Build a Raised Garden Bed

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Raised gardening is popular with seasoned green thumbs and beginners alike. It takes a lot of the hassle out of clearing sod and tilling the soil, and you get outstanding production from them. This complete... more

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Preparation and Tools Needed to Pressure Wash Your Deck or Patio

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This is a good time of year to give your outdoor deck or patio a deep cleaning using a pressure washer. Removing dirt and the gray oxidation will improve its appearance and prevent the growth of mold or... more

Top 5 Spring Projects That Get The Kids Involved

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Getting kids involved in spring projects around your home is a great way to keep them active and develop a healthy pride of ownership. It can be educational too. This complete remodeling article discusses... more


Benefits of Paver Driveways, Types and Cost

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Paver driveways do many things for any home. First, they upgrade the appearance significantly. Replace a deteriorating concrete or asphalt driveway with pavers, and the “wow” factor will be fantastic. This Complete... more


How To Properly Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

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Popcorn ceilings were once all the rage, several decades ago, but few homeowners like the looks of them these days. If you’d like to remove yours, rather than wait around for popcorn ceilings to return... more

Home Maintenance Tips for the Coming Spring

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Spring home maintenance is important for maintaining your home’s structural soundness, attractive appearance and ultimately, its value. Spring isn’t far off, so putting together a list of spring cleaning... more


How to Fix Basement Humidity Problems


Moisture and excess humidity in a basement can produce a long list of problems, damaging your home and household items. Depending on how severe the problem is and what it’s cause is, one or more of these... more


What Is a Kitchen “Work Triangle” and Is It Important?

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The work triangle is a concept employed by kitchen designers to make work more efficient in the kitchen and prevent wasted motion. It was popularized and named in the 1940s, though the principle of having... more


15 Questions to Consider Before Remodeling a Bathroom

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Bathroom remodels can add beauty and increase the value of your home, so it’s a project that a lot of homeowners choose to do. Before you start your bathroom remodeling project you should do some... more

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Best Paint Color Choices for Small Bathroom Remodels

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Can the right paint color make a small bathroom feel a bit roomier, less cramped and more inviting?  Yes, it can! In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we give you some suggestions for the best paint... more


Building a Deck on My Home, Specific Laws and Regulations That Need to Be Followed

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Local building codes are in place to make sure that the wood deck you install is safe and secure. Decks are also one of the top projects to add value to your home, so they are worth the effort. Here is... more

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8 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Larger

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If you’re remodeling a small bathroom, there are things you can do to add space and the illusion of space. Both are important. In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will discuss 8 bathroom remodeling... more

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Top 5 Types of Flooring to Install In a Bathroom

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A remodeled bathroom can seem like an entirely new room, with added beauty, comfort, luxury and functionality. What should you put on the floor? In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will list the... more


Doing a Complete Kitchen Remodel? Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Start

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A kitchen remodel is a major project! It’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into before it begins. In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will discuss 10 things you should know before you... more


Basement Remodeling, Best Practices for Laying a Sub Floor in The Basement

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Installing a sub floor in your basement during a remodeling project can serve a couple of purposes. First, it provides a layer of insulation between the floor and the cold concrete beneath it. This can... more


5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets for Less Than $50

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Are your kitchen cabinets looking their age and showing signs of wear?  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on replacement cabinets in order to give your kitchen an updated look. In this Complete... more


Add New Life To Your Front Porch With These Easy Steps

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Your front porch is the focal point for your home’s exterior. It’s where your guests arrive and are greeted. If you’re selling your home, having an attractive front porch is essential to great curb... more


Wood Paneling in Your Basement or Den? Update it For a Fresh Look

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Wood paneling can look very 70’s, and if you’re not looking for retro, there are things you can do to update paneling and give it a fresh look. In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide you will... more


Top 10 Outdoor Projects to Help Ready Your Home for Cold Weather

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With cold weather on the way, here are 10 outdoor projects to get your home ready for winter and the holidays. In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we outline outdoor projects that will get your home... more


The Top 5 Outdoor Remodeling Projects To Add Value To Your Home

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There are a bunch of outdoor projects you can do that will upgrade your home’s appearance while also increasing its value. In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will give you a few ideas outdoor... more


Top 5 Fall Home Renovation Projects

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Fall is a great time to focus on getting the house ready for winter and doing indoor projects that you will enjoy while spending more time inside during the cool months. Last week, we shared a group of... more

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8 Easy Fall Cleaning Projects for Your Home

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Fall is a great time for home cleaning projects. The holidays are coming and you’ll be spending more time inside in the months ahead, so you’ll enjoy more benefits from these fall cleaning projects. And... more

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Choosing the Right Toilet For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

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If you’re in the market for a toilet be ready to be overwhelmed as the choices of manufacturers, colors, styles and costs are endless. From low volume flushing, to elongated bowls, latest technology... more


Unplanned Expenses During a Small Bathroom Remodel

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All bathroom remodeling projects face the potential for unplanned expenses. Whether you’re budgeting for a large or a small bathroom, a basement bathroom, or even just a place to go when you’re... more


Should You Add a Bidet to Your Bathroom Renovation?

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While Bidets are not common in the USA, they are very popular in other parts of the world and it may be time for you to consider one. You can get a Toto bidet toilet seat, a bidet attachment or a handheld... more

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Tips For Hiring a Kitchen Remodeling Contractor For Your Project

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Hiring a qualified kitchen remodeling contractor is an important part of the job. In fact, this is your most important task in the whole project. Here, in our current Complete Home Remodeling Guide, there are... more


Planning for Added Costs During a Kitchen Remodeling Project

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So how do you plan for the unexpected? To keep your home remodeling project on track in both costs and time frame, it’s important to expect some unexpected twists and turns. Just over half of all... more


3 Popular Kitchen Remodeling Trends in 2012

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As with every aspect of home décor, trends in kitchens offer new and exciting ideas to those considering a kitchen remodel. In this Complete Remodeling Guide we will go over the 3 most popular kitchen... more


Remodeling Loans – Renovation Financing

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In many cases remodeling loans or renovation financing will be needed for updates and repairs to your home. These loans should increase the value of your home so it is important to consider what projects... more

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Small Bathroom Vanities, Choosing the Right Size to Fit Your Floorplan

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Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice quality or appearance when it comes to selecting a vanity. In this Complete Remodeling guide we go over some considerations... more


Calculating The Size Of Your Home AC Unit

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What factors do contractors use in selecting house air conditioning units? In our current complete Remodeling Guide we will go over basic BTU calculations and some key points for your consideration. Picking... more


How Are Remodeling Project Prices Estimated by Contractors?

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A contractor considers many factors when estimating the cost of a remodeling project. In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will go over the three main components of a contractors estimate and point... more


Estimating Ceramic Tile Installation Costs for Bathrooms

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Ceramic tile is a popular choice for bathroom remodels because it is versatile, affordable and available in enough styles to work with any design scheme. This durable material is a very good choice for... more

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A Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash Could Be Just What You Are Looking For

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In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will answer the following question. What backsplash material is easy to clean and install, protects you from heat and grease, brightens your kitchen, complements... more


Opening And Starting Up Your Pool For Summer Swimming

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In this Complete Remodeling Guide we will go over some quick steps to get your pool ready for that first splash party. It is important that your pool is opened correctly and getting everything right at... more


Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash, Rising Popularity of the Renewable Backsplash

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Homeowners looking for new and distinctive ways to make their kitchens both functional and beautiful are fueling the rise in the popularity of glass tile backsplashes. Form and function mesh splendidly... more

International Granite & Marble Corporation

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International Granite & Marble began over 100 years ago in Austria and they import materials from all over the world. They provide a vast selection of products including natural stone slabs, tiles... more

An Introduction to American Slate and Using Slate Products in Remodeling

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In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will talk about Slate and its many uses in, around and on your home. We will also introduce you to American Slate who is arguably one of the leaders in the manufacturing... more


Getting Started With Your Very Own Man Cave!

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A Man Cave is the room in the house where a man can get away from the pressures of life. It is the true male sanctuary. No longer will just a home office, den or pool table do the trick. We are talking... more


Wood or Vinyl Replacement Windows When you Remodel Your Home

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The choice between wood and vinyl replacement windows is one many homeowners struggle with. Which material makes more sense in your house project? In this home remodeling guide, you’ll learn the advantages... more


How To Clean Grout Before Resealing

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In one of our recent home remodeling guides we spoke of sealing grout and keeping it sealed. In this guide we want to go over a few steps you will need to take before resealing. So what do you need... more

15 Easy Spring Cleaning Projects Every Home Needs

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In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will cover 15 steps to help get your home started off on the right foot for summer. So open the windows, get the broom and lets get started. 1.    Make sure... more


How To Pick The Best Faucet For Your Bathroom Or Kitchen

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They existed before 1800 B.C. with public baths adorned with fixtures of marble, silver and gold. The Romans even had aqueducts bringing fresh water into the city for flush toilets, drinking water and... more


Why Does Crown Molding Offer Such a High Return on Investment

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Some homeowners are surprised to find out that quality crown molding can increase the sale price of a home by more than its cost. Its presence certainly makes any home easier to sell. So what is it about... more


Best Way To Seal The Grout On Ceramic Tile Floors And Walls

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Using tile to remodel a bathroom or kitchen can dramatically change the look and feel of your home and add to its value. While not a simple job, it is a job well within the reach of those who pay attention... more


Top Rated Siding Materials for your Home Remodeling Project

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Vinyl siding, fiberboard cement siding, brick and brick veneer are the highest-rated materials for outside remodeling projects, just as they are with new construction. Whether you’re looking to replace... more


How Does a Whole House Attic Fan Work?

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Last week we started talking about ventilating your home by installing a whole house fan. This week, we thought it would help if we explained a bit more about how whole house fans work, as well as the... more


Whole House Fan Installation and Placement Guide

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Whole house fans that are installed in the ceiling closest to your attic are most commonly used in areas with moderate and dry temperatures. Placement of your whole house fan is usually decided by the... more


Video Guide for Removing Old Windows from your Home in Prep for New Window Installation

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Removing old windows from your house is one of the first steps to preparing the space for new windows to be installed. We were lucky to find this video guide from Tim Carter of Ask the Builder, that walks... more


3 Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Styles

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When considering a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodeling project, many folks try to look around for the popular trends and wonder what’s hot and what’s not.  What are the top  kitchen and bathroom... more


Should Replacement Windows Be Factored into the Cost of Partial Remodeling Projects?

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Replacement windows often get overlooked during a smaller, or partial home remodeling projects like small bathrooms or basement remodeling projects. However, there are several important reasons to consider... more

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Website Soft Opening Starts with a Sink Replacement Video

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Welcome to our new Complete Home Remodeling website! As you can see we recently opened to the public and wanted to use this news post to introduce ourselves and our website business to you, our newest... more


Video Post about How to Replace the Sink in Your Kitchen

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One of the easiest kitchen remodeling projects a new diy’er (do it yourself homeowner) can take on themselves, is replacing the kitchen sink. Instead of rehashing all the information readily available... more


Home Renovations After a Major Storm or Natural Disaster

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Many homeowners don’t even consider making home renovations or improvements until after a major storm like a hurricane or tropical storm passes through. Home renovations after a storm have the added... more


How to Avoid Being Scammed by a Home Remodeling Contractor

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Home remodeling scams continue to be a major problem for homeowners, with thousands of unsuspecting and innocent people being taken advantage of by less-than honest contractors every year. This complete... more


Skylight Installation Costs in the Kitchen and Bathroom

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A skylight can be a great addition in a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, but are they expensive? They add natural light and provide beauty, but at what cost? What are the skylight installation costs... more


How Long Will a Complete Kitchen Remodel Take to Finish?

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When you finally decide to go ahead with a kitchen remodeling project, its going to be a disruptive process and you’ll want it done as soon as possible. Will the new kitchen be ready for the holidays?... more


How Much does it Cost to Remodel or Renovate a Small Bathroom?

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Is your small bathroom in need of a serious makeover?  No doubt you’re wondering about cost, options and well…. how you can get the appearance of having more space in your small bathroom, working... more


Should All Your Windows be Replaced At The Same Time?

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Window replacement is an important and expensive home remodeling consideration. Many homeowners want to know – should all your windows be replaced at the same time? There are key considerations when... more


5 Tips for Hiring a Bathroom or Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

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The general contractor you choose for your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project is just as important as the countertops, fixtures or cabinets you select.  The general contractor, or GC, will either... more


5 Quick Home Remodeling Projects with the Highest Return on Investment

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Which home remodeling projects offer the best return on your investment when you sell the home?  If your home needs work before you put it on the market, here are 5 quick home remodeling projects with... more