Video Post about How to Replace the Sink in Your Kitchen

One of the easiest kitchen remodeling projects a new diy’er (do it yourself homeowner) can take on themselves, is replacing the kitchen sink. Instead of rehashing all the information readily available on the web, we decided to find a great sink replacement video from Lowes home improvement center, and share it with you here.

In the video you will learn the following things about kitchen sink replacement:

  • Common types of sinks, bowls and sink materials.
  • How to measure for a new sink.
  • How to avoid counter-top damages and other issues.
  • Tools and supplies you’ll need for the project.
  • When to call in a professional.
  • How to remove and replace the faucet at the same time
  • How to disconnect water and drain lines
  • Dealing with a Garbage disposal removal and connections
  • How to clean under the old sink where it attached to counter
  • How to seal the new sink into place and prevent leaks
  • How to reconnect the old lines and drains to the sink
  • Testing the new kitchen sink installation

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