Heating, Cooling and HVAC Contractors

Remodeling your home is likely to result in changes to the heating and cooling load put on your HVAC system. Adding rooms or changing the layout of your home will require you to check the air flow throughout your home. Your HVAC system was designed to properly heat and cool your current home and a specific size area. When you make changes, your HVAC system might need to be changed also.

HVAC contractors, or heating, ventilation and air conditioning professionals should be called in to deal with the following sections of your home remodeling.

New central heating and air conditioning systems – If you need a new or replacement heating or air conditioning system, the HVAC contractor is the person to handle the project for you. Do you need a larger HVAC system because you increased the square footage of your home? Find out before you calculate the cost of your remodeling job.

Adding new air ducts or vents to rooms – HVAC contractors can handle adding air ducts in attics and walls to allow heating and cooling to reach new room additions or improvements.

Attic and crawl space ventilation – When you seal the envelope of your home, you should call a HVAC company to make sure you have properly heated or conditioned the attic or crawl space under the home. Failure to do so can result in excess moisture and possibly mold.

Duct cleaning and sealing – Any time you have a home improvement project completed, the ducts should be cleaned and sealed.

Air purification and air cleaning systems – Airborne allergens are one of the most common reasons for illness within the home. Whole house air cleaners and purifiers can be installed by HVAC contractors.

Inspections and Permits

When you make small changes to your home HVAC system, it may be required to have a new mechanical inspection by a local inspector. HVAC contractors can usually pull these permits for the inspection and will be required to be present during the inspection process.