Home Improvement General Contractor Guides

There are plenty of miscellaneous tasks that need to be done as part of any kitchen remodeling job. Usually, a general contractor or handyman is the right person to do them. These jack-of-all-trades types should have the experience and tools required for the following jobs.

Framing interior walls: If you are planning to build a walk-in closet or add a wall, a general contractor or handyman should be called in. Most have solid carpentry skills and should know what the building code requires in your area.  A contractor will also be able to check your structure to make sure everything is safe and already meets code before any changes are considered.

Cutting in and framing windows and skylights: Many old kitchens simply don’t have enough natural light. Electric lighting can make up for it, but natural light is more desirable in many ways. If you want new windows added or a skylight installed, a general contractor and licensed handyman are people you should consider to do the framing work required. This is not a DIY job in most cases. Be careful cutting open your home. Calling in a contractor can save you a lot of money.

Installing new or replacement windows: A general contractor will make sure all new windows are properly installed, insulated, caulked, etc. This will include removing any old or rotten trim or wood to give the window a clean, finished installation look. Adding a sliding glass door, that can allow outside access to a porch or yard, is also a very functional option for many remodeling jobs.

Installing kitchen cabinets: Wall cabinets need to be securely anchored to studs within the walls as well as hung very straight. A general contractor or handyman will use a level to create a plumb line and use a stud finder to locate them. This guarantees a good fit and finish. They will also set the base cabinets and make sure that they are straight and level so that the countertops will fit appropriately.

Adding countertops: Once the base cabinets and the kitchen island are in place, a general contractor or handyman will install the kitchen counters on top of them. The tops must be level and then secured tightly to the cabinets.

On a final note: It is important to make sure that anyone you hire to work on your property is qualified and licensed to do the type of work you require. It is also important to get at least three estimates and go online and check reviews for any company you decide to use.