Wallpaper and Painting Contractors

Fresh paint is often part of any home, bathroom, or kitchen remodeling project. Today’s paints are more vibrant and more durable than ever, and painting contractors have the tools and skills to apply them properly for maximum beauty and durability. Here is a summary of the work painting contractors can do for you as you remodel your home.

Priming new drywall: It is common to gut the walls of a room during a renovation project and completely replace the old drywall or plaster. The drywall finisher will tape and mud the drywall, but that’s all. Applying one or two coats of primer to the drywall will prepare it for paint.

On walls or ceilings, drywall contractors will take this important first step to a great-looking new paint job. By the way, if you plan to hang wallpaper, it is also essential to prime new drywall so that the wallpaper paste won’t simply absorb into the unsealed drywall, not leaving enough paste on the paper to properly hold it. Painting contractors should also take the extra step of sanding rough drywall spots and seams, so that no imperfections will show through the paint.

Painting ceilings and walls: Ceiling paint is usually white or off-white in a flat finish designed to hide imperfections in the drywall finishing. The types of finishes in kitchen paints include the fairly dull eggshell and satin finishes, to semi-gloss or gloss. Painting contractors have the right tools and know the proper techniques to give your walls the look and color you want.

Refinishing and painting cabinets and wood countertops: If you would prefer to use existing kitchen counters and cabinets, many painting contractors are able to paint or refinish cabinets and refinish wood counters. The tasks may include stripping old finishes, repairing scratches, sanding rough and worn areas and then applying a fresh finish or paint. Painting contractors who work with kitchen cabinets should also be able to replace old hinges and hardware to give your remodeling job that special new look.