Video Guide for Removing Old Windows from your Home in Prep for New Window Installation

Removing old windows from your house is one of the first steps to preparing the space for new windows to be installed. We were lucky to find this video guide from Tim Carter of Ask the Builder, that walks through taking an old window out of a wall in a home.

What You’ll Learn About Removing an Old Window

Removing old windows is really not a hard job as long as you’re prepared!

  • Never start more than you can finish in one day! You would not want to leave the home with open window holes overnight.
  • Tools You may need for removing old windows:
    • Gloves and Safety glasses
    • Hammer
    • Flat Prybar
    • Sawzall or other Reciprocating Saw
  • Learn how to remove the old trim and cut the nails that are holding the window to the house framing.
  • If the window won’t remove easily, tips for removing the old windows by cutting the sash and frame.

In our next Home Improvement Videos segment, we’ll look at preparing the window opening for the new window to be installed, and steps you need to take to prepare the area.

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