Put Your Tax Refund to Use With These 5 Remodeling Projects

big-tax-refundIt’s that time of year again – tax season! Many working Americans will receive a sizable tax refund in coming months. So why not put those dollars to use by improving on your biggest investment – your home? Here are a five home remodeling projects that are sure to make a big improvement in your home’s aesthetics.


One of the simplest, most impactful, home remodeling projects for your home is color. Paint colors are innumerable and provide the foundation for an endless array of decorating possibilities. It’s important to chose colors that are warm and inviting, while taping into your personally creative side. Don’t be afraid to experiment outside the world of beige. Hire a knowledgeable painting contractor that can assist you with various color choices and paint sheen options that are appropriate for your particular space. A good contractor will go a long way to making your space beautiful and appealing for all that enter your home.


More than ever before, flooring has become a very popular remodeling project that can take many forms throughout your home. From completely changing out the floor in a particular room to simply adding a new area rug, floors have a multitude of possibilities that can really add flair to any room. One of the most popular floor types is hardwood flooring and it’s an update you should consider. Hardwood comes in various wood types and finishes and should be applied by a skilled craftsman with extensive knowledge in the industry. Depending on your budget, there are laminates, engineered, and hardwood options that will not only increase the beauty of your space, but add value to your home which translates into money in your pocket.


Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of most homes. Not everyone has that model-home look with the most updated, top-of-the-line accessories to create nightly culinary masterpieces. However, by using your tax refund to update your kitchen, you can add interest and style by choosing to remodeling one key element in the most important room in your home. Whether you choose to change out the counter tops, have the cabinets refaced, or change out the appliances to sleek stainless steel, you can make a huge impact on your kitchen. Your contractor can give you information on which option will be the most cost effective and help you choose to update the one that will best suite your needs.

Front Door

First impressions go a long way. Your front door is the first aspect of your home that visitors see, and it can say a lot about the interior of your home. You’ll want the door to be clean and in proper working order, but you’ll want it to make a statement about who you are and the pride you take in your home. Whether you are bold and paint it bright blue, or you are more traditional and have a solid wooden door in deep, neutral tones, your door says a lot about you. Using a qualified door professional is crucial to this home remodeling project as there are various environmental and aesthetic factors that come into play when choosing and hanging the door. So make sure to hire a knowledgeable contractor that is well versed in the profession and can help you spend your tax refund dollars wisely.


Aside from the interior of the home, using your tax refund money to update the exterior landscaping is a very wise choice. We’ve all driven by those homes with impeccable lawns and perfectly pruned shrubbery. Those are the homes at which we want to slow down and take a longer look. We all want our home to have that landscaping. The spring is the perfect time to do an update with the exterior of your home. New plantings will thrive during this time of the year and establish a good root base before the next winter. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to update. Many landscaping companies offer early-bird, spring-time discounts on new installs, so make an appointment with a landscaping professional to update, and be that home your neighbors envy.

Tax refund time is a great time to update your most precious investment. Using those extra funds to remodel your home can give you great pride in your home and increase its overall value. So call a qualified contractor and put your tax refund to use in a productive way by remodeling your home sweet home.

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