Add New Life To Your Front Porch With These Easy Steps

Your front porch is the focal point for your home’s exterior. It’s where your guests arrive and are greeted. If you’re selling your home, having an attractive front porch is essential to great curb appeal.

In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we outline 5 steps to adding fresh life to your front porch.

Paint or Replace your Front Door

As people arrive at your home or pass it on the street, their eyes are drawn to the front door. You might notice this yourself as you drive or walk through your neighborhood looking at homes.

If you paint your front door, it makes it look fresh, clean and can give it new life. If you also want a door that offers better home security, is more energy-efficient, and will help you stay warm this winter, you might want to choose an attractive new door in steel or natural wood.

Add New, Brighter Lighting

Does your front door light use a single 60-watt bulb, or maybe 2 at best?  Dim lights at the front door are out; bright lights that offer a friendly glow as well as better security are in. If you have just one fixture connection, choose one that can take more watts of light.

If adding a second light on the opposite site of the door or on the ceiling of the porch is an option, it should be strongly considered. Flood lights in the lawn, directed at the porch and front of the house are options too. If you don’t want the lights on all the time, add motion sensors to control them.

Remove Overgrown Shrubs

If you previously planted shrubs and bushes that once accentuated the porch, sometimes they can start to dominate the porch. After a while, they don’t look good even after you prune them and cut them back. They can also be a security threat, giving potential intruders cover near your home. Remove them and plant small, accent-sized new shrubs in their place.

Replace Old Steps and Railings

As the years go by, the front steps and the railing can begin to look their age. They may also become less safe. You can protect yourself and your guests by replacing these items and make your home more visually appealing and up to date at the same time.

Add Green Plants and Flowers

Depending on the season, you can add new life to your porch with a variety of plants. Bright flowers are great for spring and summer. Mums and sedums look best in fall. A small potted evergreen, decorated with holiday cheer perhaps, is perfect for winter. Rotating plants on the front porch adds interest to your home throughout the year.

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