5 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets for Less Than $50

Are your kitchen cabinets looking their age and showing signs of wear?  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on replacement cabinets in order to give your kitchen an updated look.

In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we outline 5 ways you can update your kitchen cabinets and not spend more than $50!

Paint your Cabinets

This is the easiest and the cheapest way to update cabinets. Solid wood cabinets are easy to paint. You might want to give them a good scrubbing first to remove oils and residues that will prevent the paint from adhering. They might also need to be gently sanded if you find they aren’t taking the paint as well as they should.

Refinish your Wood Cabinets

This can’t be done for less than $50 unless you do the work yourself. It is time-consuming, but if you’ve got solid wood cabinets and take your time with the job, the results can be beautiful and very rewarding. You’ll feel like you got brand new cabinets for a fraction of the cost.

If you’re not familiar with refinishing cabinets, look for helpful instructional videos available for free on YouTube (YouTube.com). Get the supplies from a local hardware or home improvement store where you can also get your questions answered. If the refinishing job doesn’t go well, you can always paint over it or call in a painting contractor; there is little risk, so you should give it a try.

Stencil on Painted Cabinets

If you’ve already got painted wood cabinets but they need an update, think about using stencils to add roses in the centers, ivy around the perimeters, Southwest designs across the tops, contemporary geometric patterns, etc. The range of stencils available is very impressive. You can find them online, at home improvement stores and at craft stores in your area. You’ll enjoy choosing the right design and the right colors for your kitchen remodel. Painting the stencils is a lot of fun too! Practice a few times on paper or cardboard before you tackle the cabinets.

Update the Hardware

There is an amazing array of inexpensive hardware options for cabinets. Very attractive pulls and handles in many different styles are available for $1-$5 each. Traditional styles, antique ceramic styles and very contemporary designs are all available. If you also refinish or paint your cabinets, adding new hardware is the perfect finishing touch.

Remove the Top Cabinet Doors

This is a viable option if you’ve got decorative dishes, pitchers, fine china, stylish mugs and other pieces that would look good in open view.

Remove the doors and hinges, fill in the screw holes, paint or refinish the cabinets, add trim to the front of the exposed shelves or paint them, and you’ve got a new-look kitchen.

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