Storage and Kitchen Cabinets Trends, Styles and Costs

When many homeowners start planning their kitchen remodeling, they start with cabinets. That is no surprise because cabinets form the central focus of the kitchen since their vertical surfaces make them more visible than countertops. Kitchen cabinets set the theme for the complete remodeling package in the kitchen. Cabinets are essential for storage but many kitchens also include a pantry for storing items that are too large for the cabinets or that aren’t used on a daily basis. This kitchen remodeling guide provides remodeling ideas for kitchen cabinets and storage. Pricing information is also included below.

Trends in Kitchen Cabinets and Storage

Personalized cabinets and storage are very hot right now. What this means is that instead of large, open cabinets or pantries with a few shelves, the cabinets and shelving are becoming specialized. Wine rack cabinets or cabinets that offer 9 to 16 cubby holes are popular. We are seeing built-in spice racks or wall-mounted spice racks and slot shelving for pans are other trendy personalized options.
A second important trend in kitchen cabinets and storage is known as the integrated kitchen. Many complete remodeling designs are now opening up the kitchen to make it an extension of the family room or a great room. This is resulting in the production of cabinetry that blends well with furniture in the adjoining space. Placing a pantry closet between the kitchen and the great room is a common practice, with the pantry being used to store items for use in both areas.

Styles in Kitchen Cabinets and Storage

Cabinet styles range from antique to traditional to modern and back to retro. European looks are also attractive and very popular. You will find a variety of material and color options in almost any style you choose. Wood is still used in the majority of cabinets, with choices that include oak, maple, cherry, pine, mahogany and in many cases exotic woods. Cabinets and kitchen storage may also be made wholly or partly out of stainless steel, laminate, acrylic, thermofoil and melamine. It’s recommended that you take time to research your options in order to get the best remodeling ideas for your kitchen cabinets and kitchen storage needs.

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Kitchen Cabinets and Storage Costs

Your least expensive option are stock cabinets that are made in standard sizes. The most expensive are custom cabinets built to exact specifications for your kitchen. In between, semi-stock cabinets come in standard sizes but you can choose the wood, the finish and the hardware you want. Your remodeling costs for the kitchen will be greatly impacted by your choice of cabinets and storage products. These areas account for as much as 35% of the total kitchen remodeling budget. Your total costs for kitchen cabinets and storage will range from $2,000 for a small kitchen to well over $10,000 for a high-end, medium kitchen. For a high-end large kitchen the costs could sky-rocket and have no limit.

Conclusion, Once you’ve decided on a budget for your complete remodeling project, start putting the pieces together by choosing cabinets that will fit your theme and space requirements. You will have to talk to several remodeling contractors to find out specific costs, including installation. Then you’ll know what choices fit your budget and can focus on the specific items you want. The rest of the kitchen remodeling project will start to take shape at that point. Take the time to research what is available and you’ll find kitchen cabinets and storage options that please the eye as well as function in the ways you need them to.