3 Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Styles

When considering a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodeling project, many folks try to look around for the popular trends and wonder what’s hot and what’s not.  What are the top  kitchen and bathroom remodeling styles right now?  You might be able to guess one or two of them.

In this Complete Remodeling Guide, we’ll have a look at the 3 kitchen and bathroom design styles at the top of the list. Country, Italian and Traditional bathroom and kitchen remodeling choices. You can also check out the top kitchen trends here.

Country Style Remodeling

This popular kitchen remodeling design remains wildly popular in the city, country, and everywhere else. The relaxed, homey feel it offers is very inviting to family members and to guests. Country style exudes friendliness and warmth…it’s cozy and comfortable.

When you choose a Country kitchen remodeling style, look for characteristics such as open shelves, painted or glazed cabinets, farmhouse sinks, brass or bronze faucets and hardware, wide-planked wood floors, bead board cabinets and rustic furniture. For a unique country kitchen and bath remodeling style, you might take it one step further and choose a Country Primitive remodeling style.  For something a touch more elegant, a French Country or English Country kitchen and bathroom remodeling design is a beautiful choice.


Italian Remodeling Styles

If you love bold but warm colors, rich wood, and a kitchen that looks ready to use to make a delicious meal, Italian kitchen and bathroom remodeling design might be perfect for you. It has an old world feel in the kitchen, where food is the dominant theme.  Pots hang near the stove for easy access.  An open spice shelf stocked full stands at the ready, accenting the aroma of the kitchen.

Italian bathroom and kitchen remodeling ideas include the use of natural dark wood tones in cabinets, shelving and counters that are practical yet beautiful. According to the National Association of Realtors, dark woods are one of the newest trends to watch! Mosaic tile backsplashes, even painted tiles, stone floors, framed Old Country art, along with cooking items that serve as part of the décor are all elements to consider in the Italian kitchen.

Traditional Style in Remodeling

When we are gathering remodeling ideas, we flirt with trendy  – European, Modern, Mediterranean, Spanish, Mission, Log Home and others.  But when it comes time to choosing, Traditional is still the #1 design chosen for kitchen and bath remodeling. This style is a broad one, with American and European influences.  You’ll be able to find elements to suit your personal preferences.   Traditional  remodeling design enhances the home with beauty and a sense of stability, even maturity.

Details include rich wood cabinets accented by ornate or detailed trim and molding, islands that look like furniture, and decorative wood panels over refrigerator doors. Hardwood or tile flooring, or laminate and vinyl designed to mimic it, are very good choices for a traditional bathroom and kitchen remodeling project.

Share Your Preferred remodeling Style?

Take your time gathering kitchen and bath remodeling ideas and find a trustworthy contractor who can give you both ideas and remodeling prices. Put a plan together with the elements you want that fit your budget.  Patience and planning are key to home remodeling projects that turn out just the way we had hoped they would. If you are still undecided after talking to a designer contractor, maybe have a look at these 18 odd bathroom designs at Popular mechanics, they’re sure to get the creative juices flowing!

What design style did you choose for your latest kitchen or bathroom remodeling project? Share it with others in the comments section below.

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