Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash, Rising Popularity of the Renewable Backsplash

Homeowners looking for new and distinctive ways to make their kitchens both functional and beautiful are fueling the rise in the popularity of glass tile backsplashes.

Form and function mesh splendidly in a backsplash that is visually appealing while it stands up to water, spills, grease splatters and more. Glass tile is also very easy to clean, keep the grout cleaned, and it maintains its good looks for many durable years. The backsplash is usually one of the final steps in a kitchen remodel, and fortunately, won’t add too much to the time it takes to complete the project!

In this home remodeling guide, we’re going to help you learn a bit more about a glass tile backsplash. You’ll understand a bit about installation, options, and of course the cost of a glass tile backsplash.

Options and Backsplash Installation Cost

You’ve got a wonderful range of options when selecting the glass tile for your kitchen backsplash. It comes is a myriad of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. For example, subway tiles continue to be a hot choice for kitchen backsplashes. This rectangular tile can be as small as 5/8”x2” or as large as 6”x12”, with 3”x6” the most common.

Square glass tiles are as small as 5/8” square and as large as 4” square. In terms of style, glass tile for kitchen backsplashes is produced in earth tones, bright colors, pastels and just about every other possibility.

Glass and stone blends, glass and metal blends, tinted clear glass, patterned glass, smooth textures and rough textures are all options when selecting the right glass tile for your kitchen backsplash. Cost of the glass tiles varies tremendously, from less than $15 per square foot to more than $100 per square foot. The majority of it ranges from $12-$35 per square foot.

The installation cost (get free quotes from local installers) for most projects will be less than the tile. However, make sure you hire an experienced tile pro rather than simply choosing the lowest estimate. The quality of the installation will have a lot to do with the appearance, performance and durability of your glass tile backsplash. Not to mention, it’s an easy home remodel that provides the highest return on investment! For most glass tile, the cost for installation will be $5-$10 per square foot. Small tile typically costs more to install than large tile because it is more labor-intensive. For custom mosaic work using glass tile, the cost can exceed $20 per square foot.

Is doing the work yourself an option? It is, but only if you’ve got proven experience installing tile. For most homeowners, hiring a skilled tile craftsman makes sense. When you do, the work will be done to the professional standards you want in an area as visible as your kitchen. You’ll have the confidence that the tiles are grouted and sealed correctly. Finally, the work will come with a warranty you can depend on to remedy any issues that arise. It’s certainly worth your time to get several estimates from tile pros with a good reputation for high-quality work.


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