Best Way To Seal The Grout On Ceramic Tile Floors And Walls

Using tile to remodel a bathroom or kitchen can dramatically change the look and feel of your home and add to its value. While not a simple job, it is a job well within the reach of those who pay attention to detail. If tile work is part of the cost to remodel a smaller bathroom in your home, you may want to hang around to watch, and see how a professional does it first. You may pick up a few tips and make the tile grout sealing project easier the next time.

In this Complete Remodeling guide, we will show you a few simple steps that will make sure your job will look great, will last for years and help keep that new look.

The key to a great tile job is that you will need to seal the grout and do so properly. Unsealed grout can lead to color change, cracking, mold and dirt build up around and under the tiles and the complete undoing of all your hard work.

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You must let the grout thoroughly dry. DO NOT RUSH the drying process. While watching your tile dry you will have time to check for any cracks or gaps in the grout. You should also check tile spacing, alignment and make sure that all tiles are set cleanly. Once you are sure that all grout is dry and all the tiles are set properly you can start sealing.

The surface of ceramic tile is glazed and already sealed so you only need to seal the grout and there are two common ways of doing this.

1) The liquid method. Buying a liquid sealer that is applied to the grout lines ONLY. A small brush is used to follow all the lines. This is a time consuming job but most say the best way to go. This method best gets the sealer INTO the grout. A little sealer on the tiles will wear off and should not be a concern here.

2) The spray on method. Like it sounds this simple task can cover the grout quickly. Also, wiping off the excess sealer from the tile as you go can make quick work of this job. Many think that the spray on sealer does not work as well as the liquid sealer as it may not penetrate as well and does not last as long. Some use the liquid sealer at first and the spray on once a year or so to touch up the job, your choice.

Most sealers dry rapidly so remember, if using the spray on method wipe up excess sealant within a few minutes so it doesn’t dry on the tile.

On large jobs you will need to keep track of your progress. Seal only one section at a time and make sure you cover all the grout. Missing an area can really show up later and trying to keep the grout matching between sealed and unsealed will be a problem you do not want.

It is important to remember that you want to reseal your grout from time to time depending of the location of the tiles and the use of the area. Please note that epoxy-based grout does NOT need sealing.

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