Estimating Ceramic Tile Installation Costs for Bathrooms

Ceramic tile is a popular choice for bathroom remodels because it is versatile, affordable and available in enough styles to work with any design scheme. This durable material is a very good choice for shower stalls, floors, countertops and backsplashes.

In this Complete Remodeling guide we will help you plan your remodeling project and point out some factors to consider when estimating ceramic tile installation costs.

Costs for any remodeling job are based on time and materials unless you’re planning to do it yourself. Expect the tile to cost $2-$5 per square foot for most styles, but expensive glazed ceramic tile can cost as much as $20 per square foot. In addition to the tile, you will need grout and sealant, both of which are fairly inexpensive.

For floors, you may need underlayment and backer board is required for installing ceramic tile on walls. The cost of these materials and fasteners is roughly $1 per square foot. Finally, if you need to rent a tile saw from your local home improvement store, prices will range from $25-$50 per day.

When measuring for the tile you will have to calculate Length x Width + Waste to get the amount needed. The number to plug in for waste is usually close to 10% unless you have a lot of corners and curves in which case you should use a 15% waste factor. Always re-figure your calculations and remember the old adage measure twice, cut once!

You need to also consider that there may be unexpected costs in preparing the room itself. Check all the fixtures, walls, electrical and floors. What are the potential costs to repair or replace any of these? Do you have any mildew, wet or rotten spots that need to be taken care of? Surprises happen, make sure you take them into consideration to reduce your exposure.

Never Hurts to Get a Few Quotes and Glean Some Knowledge from a Pro!

As you begin to put all your prices together, it might be helpful to know what professional tile contractors typically charge for bathroom tile. When estimating ceramic tile costs for bathrooms, they include all of the extra materials along with labor in a single cost per square foot. Estimates for bathrooms are higher than for other rooms because bathrooms require more intricate tile trimming, and working around plumbing fixtures is difficult and time-consuming. Also, the smaller the bathroom is, the higher the cost per square foot will be. Taking these factors into consideration, the estimates you receive should range from $4-$8 per square foot for installation of tile on both walls and floors. You will find the under $4 guys out there but this becomes a buyer beware situation and is not recommended.

Most homeowners find that hiring a tile professional to do the work is worth every penny. Laying tile straight is an exacting task that takes a lot of experience. Working with plumbing and drains requires expertise to avoid leaks that can significantly damage walls and subfloors before they are discovered. Doing the job yourself and then having to pay a contractor to fix resulting problems will be more costly than hiring a pro in the first place. Even experienced DIY homeowners who are comfortable handling most home improvement tasks know that tile work is one job best left to the professionals who do it every day.

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