Cost of Adding Soapstone Countertops

Stylish and durable, soapstone is a silky metaphoric stone found in the Appalachian mountain range or imported from the countries of Finland and Brazil. Known for its ability to stand up to just about any mess, this reliable rock is perfect in the kitchen, as it is both stain-proof and beautiful. This unique stone is not used just in kitchens and can be placed anywhere in a modern home.

Soapstone is great for anyone who is a little hard on their counter tops and comes in two attractive varieties: Artistic-grade or Architectural-grade.The difference in these two grades of soapstone is the amount of talc that the soapstone naturally possess. Architectural-grade contains less talc of the two making it a more attractive choice for counter because of its higher level of hardness.

Since soapstone is a natural quarried material, it’s both easier to cut and easier to install, making it a very attractive alternate to other countertop types such as granite or marble. As far as cost goes, soapstone will set you back about $60 to $150 per square foot installed with prices varying depending on where the stone is coming from and the type of stone that is selected. This places soapstone at a rate that is more expensive on average than granite but still cheaper than marble. Compared to both of these choices, however, soapstone makes up the difference in lower cost of maintenance.

Other properties that make soapstone a great choice for anyone interested in a more natural counter-space, is as followed. Virtually stain-proof, soapstone is dense and nonporous making it easy to clean and keep clean allowing liquid to evaporate off its surface seamlessly. It can also stand up to more acidic materials, so using lemon juice or heavy cleaners are perfectly fine for this chemically stable rock.

Soapstone also doesn’t need to be sealed and because it is so durable there is no reason to use expensive cleaners that other types of countertops would need. It’s also bacteria resistant and heat-resistant, meaning it’s perfectly fine to place hot pots and pans on this counter with no worry of it damaging the surface of the material.

In short, soapstone is a tough, beautiful stone, and in a kitchen remodel,  can change the way your kitchen looks, making it a more welcoming and natural space. It’s versatile and nonporous so it’s a great choice for anyone interested in adding a little more creativity to their kitchen space. Boasting a price that places it firmly in the marble and granite range with a maintenance cost that’s much cheaper than other stones, these countertops will pay for themselves over time. This truly makes soapstone a perfect choice for natural countertops.

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