15 Bathroom Ideas To Freshen Up the Space

Even without doing a complete bathroom remodeling project, there are inexpensive bathroom ideas you can implement to give new life to a boring room.Whether you have the gift of a designer, don’t want to spend a fortune, or you’re just good at throwing a carpet onto the floor, these ideas are bound to get you thinking of other bathroom ideas to get done!


In this Bathroom Remodeling guide, we’re going to share 15 ways to freshen up your bathroom’s decor, and make it a happier place to visit!

1. Add brighter lights
New, bright lighting makes the room more cheery and feel larger. If there’s room, a table or floor lamp can add visual interest as well as light. Of course, when the light is brighter, you’ll immediately see other things you may want to change!

2. Get a colorful, comfy rug
A dull floor instantly looks different with a bright, soft area rug in front of the vanity. It will look good and feel great also.

3. Select new countertop accessories
You spend most of the time spent in your bathroom at the sink. You will be washing your hands, applying makeup, grooming, etc., so jazzing up the bathroom countertop with an attractive soap dish or dispenser, lotion dispenser, cotton swab container, toothbrush holder, cup and more makes sense. Your options range from inexpensive plastic in bright colors to upmarket stainless steel accessories and more.

4. Consider furniture where space allows
Do you love to lounge in the tub? Then place a small table next to the tub made of a water-resistant material on which you can place your favorite beverage, a towel, bath oils or reading material.

5. Replace countertop knickknacks
In addition to your necessary accessories, you’ve probably got a few extras on the countertop or placed around the room. Replacing them with something fresh will change the feel of the bathroom or maybe you can make them seasonal.

6. Install a wall sculpture or two
Walls are typically underutilized space. The sculpture can serve dual purpose as a towel hook, but should be chosen primarily for visual appeal.

7. Paint the place
This is one of the most common bathroom remodeling ideas for a reason: A fresh coat of paint is an affordable way to really change the appearance of the bathroom. Do something very different…you can always paint again if the change is too dramatic. But give it a few months before you chicken out on the new look.

8. Try wall decals
These range from fun things for the kids in sports or action hero themes to those that are actually quite sophisticated. Search around for decals that fit the motif you want to achieve.

9. Use an open vanity and open shelving
The reason to do this is to allow your towels, linens and even your bathrobe to be accessories. An open wall shelf stocked with attractive towels or wash cloths or a floral print robe splashes the room with color.

10. Replace the hardware on the vanity
Your options range from dark, oil-rubbed bronze to bright chrome, with dozens of choices in between. Combine this one with several other bathroom ideas, and you’ll really get somewhere on a budget.

11. Switch out the bathroom faucet and shower hardware
Most manufacturers make series of faucets, spigots and shower heads, so you can carry the same design throughout the bathroom.

12. Buy a new shower curtain
This is one of the small bathroom ideas that can go a long way, especially in conjunction with several of these other bathroom ideas.

13. Place a few potted plants
Flowering plants, climbing vines and other interesting plants literally add life as well as beauty to your bathroom.

14. Hang framed photographs on the wall
Take some fun, candid or serious shots of your family, the pets, great scenery you encounter and other things you enjoy. Frame the shots and place them on the walls. If you’re not a shutterbug, framed art prints are wonderful too.

15. Get a new mirror
It’s something you look at quite a bit, so it might as well be one you like.

Combining several of these bathroom remodeling ideas can produce a dramatic change quite easily. Most can be done on a small budget, but if you want to spend more, you can select items of higher quality and still save thousands of dollars over doing a major bathroom remodeling project.

What Ideas do you have for freshening up a bathroom? Share them below…

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