Countertops Trends, Styles and Bathroom Countertops Costs

Bathroom countertops are an important consideration in your bathroom remodeling project. A countertop needs to be durable enough to withstand hot hair tools, nail polish remover, skin cleansers and more. You also want a wow factor to hit you when you walk into the bathroom. Your countertop should be an attractive asset in the overall appearance of your new bathroom. There are many outstanding options when it comes to bathroom countertops and you’re sure to find one that meets your needs and budget. This complete remodeling guide to bathroom countertops gives you the information you need to start your search for the perfect countertop for your bath remodeling project.

Trends in Bathroom Countertops

While the most popular choices remain fairly traditional, a few products are trending right now for bathroom remodeling. Recycled glass bathroom countertops add a splash of color along with outstanding durability. These “green” building products clean up easily, resist staining and handle heat reasonably well. Recycled glass comes in a wide variety of colors and blends. Concrete is also being installed more than ever by bathroom contractors. It requires quite a bit of care, but it is durable and can be very handsome when tinted, textured or stamped. Finally, stainless steel is finding its way into some bathrooms too, for a very clean, polished and contemporary look. Its durability, heat resistance and beauty are the reasons for its increased use in the bathroom. If you love metal, you might also consider copper or zinc for your bathroom countertop.

Styles of Bathroom Countertops

You can find any style your like, including traditional, retro, country, European, modern and more. The materials you choose will give your bathroom the look and feel you want. Tile is available in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to produce wonderful bathroom countertops and backsplashes. Granite remains a popular choice for its traditional beauty. It can be honed, polished or given a satin finish to produce the right feel for your bath remodeling. Other natural stones such as marble, limestone and soapstone are beautiful, but can be prone to staining and must be sealed properly and often. These types of stones may be a better choice for a powder room that doesn’t get the heavy use of a main bathroom. Engineered stone, or quartz, is very durable and comes in more colors than natural stone and requires less maintenance than natural stone. Solid surface bathroom countertops like Corian or Swanstone offer engineered durability and functionality in more than 100 pattern and color choices. Laminate remains a very affordable choice and is available in hundreds of colors and patterns. No matter what theme you are pursuing in your bath remodeling, you should be able to find a type of bathroom countertop that will match the style you want, at the budget you need.

Bathroom Countertops Cost

Your remodeling costs for a bathroom countertop will vary based on the material you choose. On the low-end, laminate can cost as little as $35 per linear foot. Granite, marble and top-quality engineered stone can top $250 per linear foot. Talk with remodeling contractors about countertop prices to find a material that meets your style preference and your budget.

Conclusion – You have many great options, so take your time and explore a little before making a choice. Pick a few styles and work backwards. Keep your options open and get remodeling ideas online or at the local home show or parade of homes to see what catches your eye. Once you have 3-4 choices in mind for your bathroom remodeling project, you’ll want to get written estimates from several remodeling contractors to find the best deals and determine the right combination of material and price.