8 Easy Fall Cleaning Projects for Your Home

Fall is a great time for home cleaning projects. The holidays are coming and you’ll be spending more time inside in the months ahead, so you’ll enjoy more benefits from these fall cleaning projects.

And don’t forget the outside – there are a few fall cleaning projects to be done there too.

In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will give you a head start on that fall cleaning checklist.

1. Clean the Carpet and Upholstery: You might not realize how drab your furniture or carpet has become. Plus, dirt, dust, dust mites and other allergens accumulate in carpet and upholstery. Cleaning carpet and upholstery will help restore their beauty and brighten their colors. It will also remove harmful allergens and this is especially helpful since we have our homes closed up more in the fall and winter.

2. Wash the Windows: Getting the windows clean on both sides will improve the view this winter as you get rid of the dust that tends to build up in warm weather. It’s a good time to remove your screens too, to spare them the harsh effects of winter weather. You may find while cleaning that you find some windows to replace, so you should take care of that at this time if possible.

3. Clean the Fireplace: This might be one job you’ll want to hire a professional for, but it isn’t a very expensive one. If you plan to use the indoor or outdoor fireplace this winter, this one is a “must.”

4. Clean Out the Food Storage Space: This applies to the freezer, refrigerator and pantry. It’s time to find out what’s in those locations, getting rid of outdated product and reminding yourself to use what is still there that you may have forgotten about. Give all the spaces a thorough, disinfecting cleaning. Get the pantry especially clean so that it doesn’t attract pests looking for a warm place to spend the cold months.

5. Clean Light Fixtures and Globes: Cleaning light fixtures will make your home brighter, which is important when days are shorter. It will also make your home healthier by removing allergens and pollutants.

6. Clean the Gutters: When leaves fall, the gutters can get clogged. This can lead to water spilling against your home’s foundation and finding its way inside your basement. It might also worsen ice dams if they develop in the winter.

7. Clean the Deck and Deck Furniture: Give the deck furniture and cushions a good cleaning and let them thoroughly dry before you put them away for the winter. Power-spray the deck and, if it needs it, give it a coat of sealant to get it through the winter.

8. Clean the Heating System: This might also be a job for a pro, but it will pay you back through increased efficiency in the system. In a furnace, the burner and firebox should be cleaned and the filter replaced. A heat pump system should have both the outdoor and the indoor coils cleaned.

You will feel great when you’ve completed these fall house cleaning projects! Your home will be more attractive and you’ll be more confident entertaining guests. The air will be cleaner and you’ll save money on heating bills all winter long.

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