Lighting Costs for Kitchens, Styles and Kitchen Lighting Trends

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important considerations of your complete remodeling plan. It must provide adequate light for the activities of the kitchen without being glaring. In addition, with the decorative importance of kitchen counters, kitchen backsplashes and other elements, the right kitchen lighting will enhance their beauty while the wrong lighting will detract from it. Getting remodeling contractors involved, who have a good grasp of lighting will pay dividends. This kitchen remodeling guide offers remodeling ideas to help you choose the right kitchen lighting to enhance both the functionality and the beauty of your kitchen.

Trends in Kitchen Lighting

One of the hottest trends is cool-burning LED lighting. This green technology uses far less energy and now comes in many more styles than it did just a few years ago. LED lighting is made in all of the lighting types you’ll want to consider for your kitchen remodeling.

Styles of Kitchen Lighting

Styles include antique, traditional, European, transitional, modern, retro and eclectic. Lighting type is just as important. Any kitchen remodeling design should include general illumination, task lighting and accent lighting. General illumination provides the minimal level of light needed to make the kitchen safe and usable. For general illumination, overhead kitchen lighting remains popular. Fixtures are often installed in different zones and operated by different switches to be efficient. The lighting style might include recessed lighting, hanging lights, ceiling fixtures, wall lighting and lighting under kitchen cabinets.

Task lighting gives extra illumination to work areas like kitchen sinks or kitchen islands. Directional track lighting is popular in kitchen remodeling for this use. Large fluorescent fixtures over kitchen islands are also common. Choose kitchen lighting for task areas that is brighter than general illumination. You’ll reduce eye strain and get work done more comfortably and safely.
Accent lighting is designed to highlight decorative aspects of the kitchen such as a backsplash running from the kitchen cabinets to the ceiling, attractive crown molding, displayed dishes and more. Each type of kitchen lighting is essential to an effective kitchen remodeling plan. Gather remodeling ideas for lighting from lighting websites or your local lighting store. Take the time to peruse dozens of styles before settling on those that will work well with your kitchen remodeling theme.

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Kitchen Lighting Costs

Depending on your budget, kitchen lighting fixtures may cost less than $35 or hundreds more for elegant chandeliers. In terms of total remodeling costs, expect to spend 5%-10% of your kitchen budget on lighting.

Conclusion, It is important to have adequate lighting in the kitchen, and have it used the right way. To get the right combination of form and function discuss your lighting needs with at least 2 remodeling contractors who understand the important part kitchen lighting will play, in your overall remodeling project.