15 Easy Spring Cleaning Projects Every Home Needs

In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will cover 15 steps to help get your home started off on the right foot for summer. So open the windows, get the broom and lets get started.

1.    Make sure all the smoke detectors are working – you should actually do this every time change thus twice a year. Blow any dirt out and check them before putting them back up.

2.   Open and clean the window area – remove all debris and add some lubricant to the windows so they move freely. You should take down and clean the curtains, wipe down the blinds, clean windows using newspaper, vinegar and water (50-50 mix) and vacuum the ledges and sills.

3.    The Bedroom – flip and turn your mattress adding some baking soda for a few minutes, then vacuum it back up. In your closet move your winter stuff to the back after making sure it is clean. Look at what you are storing; are you really going to store that item you have not worn all year? Toss out the bad stuff, donate some stuff and put the rest away.

4.    Clean appliances and fixtures – ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, the refrigerator, hanging lights, and tops of cabinets. Vinegar and water works great here and cuts odor, grease and grim. This is also a good time to change your furnace and A/C filters.

5.    Clean the carpets and floors – after all that winter traffic it might be time for a major cleaning. In any case move the furniture and go a good job here. This will make your home feel and smell fresh if you use a little baking soda and some scent. You might even find that remote.

6.    Bathroom – Dust and wipe down each room from top to bottom. Start at the ceiling, crown molding, fixtures, all the way down to the furniture, baseboards and floors. Check the bathroom curtain, look for mold and clean and reseal the grout if needed.

7.    What’s under your sink? –So what is under your sink, in your pantry, back of the fridge, in the garage, on that top shelf, behind that box? Stop, think and toss, get everyone in the house involved with each room and corner. Pick everything up and look at it. When did you last use it or buy it and why are you saving it, are you really going to put that back till next year?

8.    Box it up – using boxes and bins to store stuff is a great way to unclutter. Just make sure you clearly mark what’s inside. You’ll be glad you did.

9.    Clean those Gutters – Dirty gutters and a hard rain will get you wet as the water backs up and over onto you. It can rot the eaves and make for a great planter for all the seeds that will spout up making your home look like a giant planter!  This may be a job you may want to hire out for.

10.  Clean the grill and yard furniture – This will take some time as the grill, tables and chairs are always full of little critters that live in the garage. You will need a strong spray hose, some soap and a good brush. Also the grill needs the gas valve checked, the grate cleaned again and a complete once over.

11.  Check the deck – Any exposed wood takes a big hit in the winter. Take some time to check for splinters and seal any major cracks or flaws. This is can be a big job and may require a complete sealing or maybe it’s time to have one of our contractors check it out for you.

12.  Plant Grass seed in any bare areas of your lawn – take note of the shade or sun factor so the right grass seed is used. Make sure you rake the lawn to remove any dead leaves and such that can choke your lawn.

13.  Check your trees – This is also a good time to look up at limbs and make sure nothing is “almost coming down”. Tree limbs can wreak havoc on power, cable and phone lines. Plus, an untimely fall can seriously hurt someone or damage your home. If you do see you have a potential problem this is a job for the contractors and not the average homeowner.

14.  Keep it simple – work on your home in steps and get one area done before moving on to the next. You will feel better seeing some progress instead of trying to get everything done at once.

15.  The last step is to plan your next step – Remember, this job is never really done. So set up a schedule that helps keep your home in order. A common sense schedule that works in stages, once a week or month, twice a year, a schedule that works around your free hours and always make time to enjoy your efforts and your home!

Now lets get some cheese, crackers and something to drink and enjoy your patio!

What Are your Most Important Spring Cleaning Projects?

Everyone has their own list of projects they try to get done every year. What are your most important, or top 15 spring cleaning projects that always get done?

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