Top 5 Fall Home Renovation Projects

Fall is a great time to focus on getting the house ready for winter and doing indoor projects that you will enjoy while spending more time inside during the cool months.

Last week, we shared a group of Popular Fall Cleaning Projects for you to read and do around the home. In this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will give you a few ideas for some great fall renovation projects for your home.

1. Kitchen Remodel

People eat at home more in the colder months, so having a great new kitchen to work in is wonderful. Plus, the holidays are on the way, and if you enjoy entertaining in November and December, an updated kitchen will be more inviting to your guests and will improve your ability to put out a great spread of food for them.

2. Roof Work and Gutter Replacement

This one isn’t very glamorous, but it’s an essential. If your roof and/or gutters need to be replaced, doing it before the snow and ice start to accumulate is a great idea. If you live in a hot climate, then the fall months are ideal for this because it’s cooler for the workers and the new shingles can’t be damaged as easily as in very warm conditions. Don’t overlook the gutters. Leaking gutters can easily lead to a flooded basement floor in the wet months.

3. Add a Fireplace

You’ve got options for fireplaces. They include a wood burning model that can help to heat your home, gas inserts with a real-wood look or even electric models. When you add attractive stone or brick work and a mantel, the results can dramatically improve the look of a room. If winters aren’t awfully cold where you are, consider an outdoor fireplace to add ambiance and extend the deck or patio season.

4. Replace Old Windows and Doors

This has a very practical purpose, but an aesthetic one too. Old windows and doors raise the utility bill every month of the year, especially in the winter in cooler climates. Choose an energy-efficient glass that is right for your climate. On the visual side, many of today’s replacement windows – wood, vinyl, fiberglass and more – are very attractive. You’ve got choices for material, color in many cases, the grille pattern and hardware. Customizing the look of a window to match your decorating scheme and décor is very easy to do.

5. Freshen Up the Master Bedroom

This can be done affordably with paint, new curtains and a new comforter for the bed. If it’s in the budget, replace the carpet and lighting too. If you’ve got plenty to spend, overhaul the master bathroom and add a jet tub or sauna shower to ward off the cold on long winter nights.

These fall home renovation projects should get you thinking! There are great ways to improve your home this fall no matter what your budget. Pick one or two that will add value to your home and help you enjoy it more this season and beyond!

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