Shower Trends, Styles and Bathroom Shower Costs

When undertaking a bathroom remodeling project, bathroom showers are a high priority. Getting rid of an outdated, stained old shower stall and replacing it with something new and attractive is foremost in the mind of many homeowners. A great-looking new shower can be a centerpiece to a remodeled bathroom, giving you a clean, fresh look, void of mold-stained tile grout or faded worn shower enclosures. No matter what your budget is, the look you want, or space you have to work with, there are enough quality options for bathroom showers to satisfy you.

Trends in Bathroom Showers

When space and budget allows, people are trying to put a dash of luxury back into the bathroom. The shower is a good place to achieve that. Including a shower head within a tub or spa is a great way to maximize your use of space and enjoy the option of a shower, a hot soak, and possibly jetted water. Where space allows, adding a bench to your shower is a popular way to make the shower a place to relax and unwind. His and her shower heads in the same enclosure is trendy and a fun way to go. Where space is limited, a corner shower stall is a very common choice, perhaps with amenities like a small seat or an overhead heat lamp to enhance the experience. In terms of material, a greater variety of tile and stone are being offered today, to help you create a unique look.

Styles of Bathroom Showers

Tile remains the popular material for bath remodeling. Tile is timeless, but the colors and patterns used today tend to be more vibrant. New tile showers are replacing older tile showers or in many cases, shower enclosures. Tile bathroom showers offer a versatile range of looks, from quite traditional to European to very contemporary. Stone and other materials can be mixed in with the tile to create a truly one of a kind look. Tile bathroom showers also offer higher resale value of your home.

For homeowners who do not want the expense or maintenance of tile, today’s pre-fab fiberglass or acrylic shower units are better than ever. With a wide choice of colors and textures, these shower units can include seats, grab bars, attractive doors and other amenities that make them worth your consideration. Pre-fabricated bathroom showers can also be installed by home project enthusiasts with solid DIY skills. Simply make sure you can get a one-piece enclosure into the bathroom to install it. Some will be too large for remodel jobs. Two-piece pre-fab bathroom showers are also available, and they may fit better.

An in-between option is to install an acrylic or fiberglass shower pan as a base and add tile walls. The advantage of tile is the looks you can create. The advantage of the pre-fab pan is that it might be easier to keep clean in the years ahead and may offer better footing.

Costs for Bathroom Showers

Costs vary quite a bit, no matter which style you choose. Basic pre-fab bathroom showers cost less than $1,500, and if you finish them with a rod and curtain, the price can be quite low. For under $2,000, you can get a pre-fabricated unit with upgraded amenities. Tile showers start at about $2,000 and go up from there, depending on the tile, size, style, and amenities. Factor these costs into your total remodeling costs and you’ll know how much you can budget for this part of the bathroom. You may need to discuss your preferred style with remodeling contractors to get exact prices.

Total Cost for bathroom showers: $1,500 – $9,500

Summary – This remodeling guide is designed to give you remodeling ideas as you consider what to do with your bathroom shower. There are exciting options for every style and budget.