Kitchen Doors and Windows Styles, Trends and Costs

Kitchen windows and doors are another features or your complete remodeling package that must combine good functionality with the aesthetics you want for your overall design. They let in natural light, provide healthy ventilation and in the case of doors, can provide access to a patio or deck. This kitchen remodeling guide is designed to give you remodeling ideas for the kitchen windows and doors that make the most sense for your home.

Trends in Kitchen Windows and Doors

The most important current trend is high-efficiency windows that allow you to add more natural light without seeing a significant rise in your energy bill. New Energy Star windows are better insulated and contain technologies to keep out heat and glare in the summer and keep heat in during the winter. They are available in all the major types of windows.

Styles of Kitchen Windows and Doors

Traditional wood windows and doors along with contemporary vinyl windows and doors dominate the market. Many choose wood windows with a finish to match their kitchen cabinets. It is in the window treatments that you find a more diverse range of styles including modern, country, European, retro, and many more.

The type of window you use should follow the overall kitchen remodeling design. Double hung windows over kitchen sinks or near eating areas are still popular. Sliding windows or casement windows may give you the look you prefer. Keep in mind that since casement windows crank outward, they aren’t a good choice when a patio or deck is installed outside the kitchen. Garden windows are an interesting option while bay winds in a breakfast nook work very well. Stationary windows high on the wall provide natural lighting and low maintenance. Attractive traditional wood doors or stylish French doors can be finished to match your kitchen flooring or kitchen cabinets. A practical sliding glass door can also work well in your remodeling design.

Kitchen Windows and Doors Costs

This is one area in which your remodeling prices can vary the most, depending on your overall remodeling design. Many kitchens have no doors and few windows. Some have a door and many windows. Any single door or window may cost from $75 to $500 or more. Your kitchen windows and doors budget will range from 5% to 20% of the entire budget based on the kitchen remodeling plan you’re working to achieve. Kitchen magazines are a great way to gather remodeling ideas to consider. When you’ve got a basic plan for what you want, get written estimates from several remodeling contractors who specialize in windows. These remodeling costs help you select the specific kitchen windows and doors you need to complete your kitchen remodeling.

Conclusion, Good kitchen doors and windows blend performance with style. They provide natural lighting where it is needed most and add decorative beauty to the overall design. Choose your kitchen windows and doors wisely and they’ll enhance your kitchen for years to come.