Getting Started With Your Very Own Man Cave!

A Man Cave is the room in the house where a man can get away from the pressures of life. It is the true male sanctuary. No longer will just a home office, den or pool table do the trick. We are talking an escape hatch from reality and in this Complete Home Remodeling guide we will go over some ideas for how you can start on your very own Man Cave.

The Man Cave is more common than you may think and many homes either have one or are working on creating one. So what makes a Man Cave so special? First off it is under the jurisdiction of the man of the house. We are not talking window treatments or matching pillows here.

So how do you start planning your Man Cave? Three considerations must be addressed to start and they are, where do you put it and how much do we budget for it and what will the theme be? Most caves can be found in the basement but the garage is also a favorite spot and lends itself to more of a feel of escaping the house.

Once the spot is picked out you need to set a budget. You may want to get a free quote from one of our contractors here. After picking the spot and setting the budget you now need to consider your theme. One of the best ways to come up with your theme is to answer a simple question. If you had the opportunity to create your ideal sanctuary without impute form any one or any restrictions what would you have in it? It could be your favorite team or hobby which are the top two picks for most people. Do you want the Golf Garage with a putting green and virtual driving range? How about the 57 Chevy couch or the Harley bar with your bike parked next to it? You could go with a Dale Earnhardt Room, a Daytona Race theme or the deck of the Starship Enterprise, your favorite move set, Halloween, a horror film, a recording studio.

Your cave will probably have all the basics but there are no rules here so pick what you want, just remember you did set a budget, didn’t you? To help the thought process here are some really Cool add-ons you might consider —– Multiple flat screens, TV and computer, dartboard, stand-alone arcade games, Stripper Pole with the Spotlight, jukebox, slot machine, poker table, gaming system, Humidor, fireplace, Popcorn popper, Air hockey table, Hot tub, a control panel to operate some of your toys like that security system with surveillance cameras so you can see your whole house and who’s coming up the driveway. This list will kill any budget!

Can’t decide on which theme to pick? How about a combination of two or three themes? Blend them, it’s easy and actually looks great. Some ideas—Hockey & football, football & casino, pool hall &  Motown, lounge and game room, the big band era, blues, jazz, the 50’s, Military & extreme sports, movie theme, classics, horror, special effects, action, how about Boxing, horse racing, martial arts, rodeo, sailing, or girls?

Remember that no idea is a bad idea because this is your room and what you want. You might want to also incorporate a home theater into the Man Cave so that you can get more use out of the room and watch movies, sports or videos when the guys are over.
Are you ready to start constructing your man cave? Contact one of our contractors to help you get started in the right direction.



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