Benefits of Paver Driveways, Types and Cost

paverPaver driveways do many things for any home. First, they upgrade the appearance significantly. Replace a deteriorating concrete or asphalt driveway with pavers, and the “wow” factor will be fantastic.

This Complete Home Remodeling Guide gives you a look at the benefits, types and costs of a paver driveway.

More than Just Good Looks – Durability and Lower Repair Costs

Yes, a paver driveway looks awesome. They are elegant, give your home an upgraded appearance, and come in a variety of handsome styles and colors. But there’s more. Paver driveways are very durable. They last much longer than asphalt and look better longer than concrete. They aren’t subject to the ugly cracks common in concrete driveways, and if a few pavers are damaged, you can replace them at a fraction of the cost of replacing a section of asphalt or concrete.


Types of Paver Stones

Paver stones come in many different styles and colors. They can be square, rectangle or feature interlocking designs. Many driveway feature rectangular pavers of different sizes and colors to give them the appearance of being made from natural slate or field stone. The most common pavers for driveways include natural stone, brick and concrete.

Stone pavers are natural, classy but expensive. They are extremely durable. Brick pavers come in a variety of shapes, colors, textures and styles. They are the most common of the driveway paver types. Concrete pavers are also very common. They are produced in the same wide range of colors and shapes as brick pavers.

While these pavers are the ones most often used in driveways, other types are available. These include travertine pavers, granite pavers, Mexican pavers, sandstone pavers, flagstone pavers and rubber pavers. Talk to your driveway contractor about the variety available and what types of pavers will work best in your environment.

Paver Driveway Costs

Pavers are priced quite competitively when you take their long-term durability into consideration. Pavers can cost as low as $5 per square foot for the material, with top prices being about $10 per square foot. Installation costs range from $6 per square foot for basic design and installation to $15 per square foot for complex designs. Your material and installation costs together for most driveways will be about $15 to $25 per square foot.

If you’re looking for a distinctive, durable driveway material that can take your home’s exterior to the next level, paver stones are an outstanding choice.

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