Bathroom Flooring Styles, Trends and Bathroom Flooring Costs

Bathroom flooring is a serious consideration in a room where floors are prone to have water, dirt, mildew and mold.  There are many flooring options available that can help you resist these problems and make things easy to keep clean. You will have many choices, styles and price ranges to work with so it should be easy to find one that works best for you.  This bathroom remodeling guide is designed to provide you with the needed information so that you can put together your complete bathroom remodeling together.

Trends in Bathroom Flooring

Are you looking for fresh remodeling ideas for your bathroom?  Concrete is making a comeback in bathrooms, especially when it contains radiant floor heating, perfect for bare feet on chilly days.  With new methods and techniques, a concrete floor doesn’t have to look like a garage floor.  Acid staining, tinting and embedding stone or tiles are just a few of reasons remodeling contractors are getting more call for concrete.

Glass tile is also very hot at the moment. It can be slick if not treated for use on floors, but the variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes make it perfect for bath remodeling.  There’s even glass tile that changes color as it warms or cools – mood tiles for the bathroom!  Some glass tiles are made from recycled glass, making them a green choice for your home remodeling.
Bamboo and cork are 2 other options considered very green because they are made from grass-type plants that regrow quickly.  The flooring made from this material is warm, attractive and very durable.

Wood is also being used in the bathroom, especially in older homes where wood is used elsewhere.  If it fits the style of your home, don’t hesitate to use it.  The remodeling contractor you use should take extra precautions to make sure it is water-resistant.

Styles of Bathroom Flooring

You have many great options for flooring in your bathroom remodeling project besides the trendy materials already mentioned.  Linoleum and vinyl are inexpensive, easy to clean and come in an endless number of patterns and colors. Laminate flooring is tough, attractive and stands up to water well.

Ceramic tile, even more than glass tile, comes in an incredible number of sizes, shapes, textures, colors and patterns and remains a popular, durable choice in remodeling design.

Natural stone remains popular for its beauty and durability.  If you use it, make sure it is sealed to prevent it from staining and that it is textured to prevent slips.

Costs for Bathroom Flooring

Knowing what remodeling costs to expect is always helpful before your planning gets finalized.  The total cost will depend on the amount of bathroom flooring you have and the quality of the product you use.  Generally speaking, here are the products we’ve listed from least expensive to most expensive: Vinyl, linoleum, ceramic tile, wood, concrete, laminate, glass tile, bamboo, cork and natural stone.

In terms of specific remodeling prices, expect to pay roughly $4-$6 per square foot on the low-end; on the upper end, you may pay $25-$40 per square foot for bathroom flooring.

Summary, As you can see, you’ve got plenty of choice and a wide range of prices for your bath remodeling flooring. Gather remodeling ideas by checking out flooring websites or walking through your local flooring store.  Get written quotes from remodeling contractors that specialize in the types of flooring you prefer.  It may take some time, but by researching products and prices you’ll soon discover the bathroom flooring you really love and fits your budget.