Oceanside GlassTile And The Green Factor

Glass tile sales have skyrocketed the last few years and in this Complete Home Remodeling Guide we will provide you with some reasons why.

We will also share a little history, introduce you to Oceanside GlassTile, and go over some of the pros and cons of working with glass tiles.

Wrong choices up front can easily turn a glass tile project into a worthless investment and a costly redo, so let’s get started.

Tiles made of clay have been around since 8000 BC, with glass mosaics showing up about 2500 BC and then in the 3rd Century BC glass tiles came on the scene. Smalti tile wasfirst developed for mosaics during the Byzantine era and is made by mixing molten glass with metal oxides for color. Constantinople was a center of the craft and it reached its greatest expression there. Smalti tiles are still being used today with molten liquid poured into trays creating chicklet shaped pieces.

In the 90s glass technologies improved and allowed manufactures to recycle used glass thus creating ‘green’ tiles. As a result, a resurgence of interest in glass tile has taken off for use on floors and walls and in kitchens, spas and bathrooms. Besides the “green” benefit of using recycled glass the new technologies of working with glass allow for the blending of many colors and patterns that can transform your room.

A pioneer in handcrafted glass tile, Oceanside GlassTile was founded in 1992. Using millions of pounds of recyclable glass and arguably transforming this scrap into the world’s finest handcrafted tiles, Oceanside hand casted tiles are a thing of beauty which is only limited in scope by your imagination. Their mantra “From Curbside to Oceanside” describes their dedication to transforming glass into expressive design materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

The PRO’s of using glass tile are impressive and a simple click to Oceanside Glass Tile  will take your breath away.  An incredibly beautiful material, glass tile can enhance the appearance of any room reflecting light in a unique way and even in small amounts can change the dynamics of your home. Glass tile is flat out one of the most beautiful additions you can make.

The CON’s of using glass tile are many but can easily be overcome by taking proper steps. While this list may seem daunting it is not be meant scare you away from this product. In fact, it is meant to inform you as to how to PROPERLY install glass tile.

  • The first thing you should do is hire a pro. This is no job for the average DIY and many professional tile installers take special classes to install glass tile.
  • Glass tile is fragile and while it can resist stains and such it can shatter and yes even scratch. Many choose not to use glass tile in high traffic locations for this reason.
  • Mosaic glass tiles can really ramp up the difficulty factor and again, even if you lay tile, this installation may not be for you, hire a pro.
  • With cost, at around $30 a square foot we again find a good reason to hire that pro. At this cost we do not want to redo the job and have the added cost of a tear down.

Some other things to note, adhesive must be installed at a proper spacing, depth and with a proper trowel watching for waves or grooves in the material which can be seen through some tiles. Check for quality differences in tiles, look for perfectly squared edges, color quality and be aware that there is a right and wrong direction in laying glass tiles. Some quality tiles have a bevel to provide for a level and consistent surface. Don’t install the tile upside down and watch for glass imperfections. Make sure someone has taken the training to understand the installation process. Make sure the glue and tiles are bonded properly as the tiles can loosen and fall out.

Also as always, please be safe, wear safety glasses, remove or cover jagged edges from tiles as needed, give the grout a few days to cure before applying seal and remember glass tiles can cut you and cover sharp edges and corners.

Oceanside’s web site is a wealth of information and on it you can find, a detailed installation guide, recommended applications, industry links, proper tools, safety equipment, the recycled content of tiles, setting material, grout, substrates and trowel sizes, installation specs and technical support.

So are you ready for glass tile? Contact us for advice from a local PRO.

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