Vanity Styles, Trends and Bathroom Vanity Costs

While the bathroom countertops may get most of the attention, it’s the bathroom vanity that adds functionality to the combination. Vanities can also be very attractive, with form following function in a variety of pleasing styles. This bathroom remodeling guide takes a look at what’s available in the bathroom vanity department so you can select the right one for your bathroom remodeling job.

Trends in Bathroom Vanity

What’s currently hot in bathroom vanities are looks that are at opposite ends of the spectrum – antique and ultra-modern. Both types often use basin-types sinks. With an antique bathroom vanity, a wash basin sink is a popular choice. Metals, like copper and zinc sinks work well with antique vanities also. For the contemporary bathroom vanity, modernistic acrylic or steel sinks will fit well.

Styles of Bathroom Vanity

Traditional bathroom vanity cabinets are still the most popular, with one or two doors and possibly a few drawers. They are attractive and very functional, and that’s what most people are looking for from their bathroom vanity. Other popular styles include vanities that are open and provide plenty of shelf space. This maximizes storage as well as ease in getting what you want. They are usually very affordable. One drawback is that they don’t hide plumbing very well.

For bath remodeling, some vanities come with a top already in place. Many of these are solid wood vanities that only have an opening for a sink. Some actually come complete, with a sink in place. Vanity cabinets require the addition of bathroom countertops, giving you more options for matching the bathroom shower or tub you choose. There are many different colors and finishes from which to choose. Finding one to complement the décor you’ve selected will not be a problem.

Bathroom Vanity Cost

Inexpensive vanity cabinets without bathroom countertops may cost less than $300. Most quality bathroom vanity models are priced from $500 to $1,500, though high-end models will cost more.

Conclusion, Home improvement stores and kitchen and bathroom shops are good places to check out what’s available in bathroom vanities. You can also shop online for ideas as well as checking pricing once you know what you want. Make sure the bathroom vanity you choose has the functionality that’s important to you, not just the look you want. When you combine the two, you’ll have a bathroom vanity that you will enjoy, for years to come.